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Volvo Pickup Truck Rumors, Specs, Release Date


Nov 10, 2018
Volvo Pickup Truck front

Mid-size trucks are popular in North America again. Therefore, many carmakers are working on their own models of this type at the moment. It looks like even the Swedish manufacturer prepares a pickup truck. The Volvo Pickup Truck is one of the rumored models from this manufacturer that has been circulating on the network.

According to these rumors, the new model would come heavily based on the company’s flagship crossover XC90. The two models would share the platform, as well as many other parts, including design language. Still, many of them suggest we should see a Volvo Pickup Truck concept first and later serial production right after.

Volvo Pickup TruckVolvo Pickup Truck Design

As we mentioned, the new Volvo Pickup Truck should have many things in common with the XC90 crossover. This makes perfect sense, considering that this company has never had a classic body-on-frame platform, which still seems the most appropriate for a truck. Still, this wouldn’t be the first time to see a truck on a unibody platform. As you probably know, the Honda Ridgeline is already on the market for 13 years and it’s doing pretty well on the market. This design approach definitely has some drawback, but obvious benefits as well.

First of all, don’t count on working capabilities that would be on par with classic trucks, such as the Toyota Tacoma or Chevy Silverado. This will be a comfort-oriented truck, just like the Ridgeline, with lower towing and hauling ratings. On the other side, ride quality will be significantly better, pretty much the same as in every crossover. Not to mention that this would be a premium model, with top quality materials and a spectacular list of standard equipment.

How the Volvo Pickup Truck would look like?

The Volvo XC90 Pickup Truck has been rumored some time ago. However, we are still waiting to get some more reliable information about it. Though several sources claim that the testing model is on the road, no one has managed to get any spy shot so far. According to those eyewitnesses, the new truck features a longer wheelbase, probably for about 10-15 inches, which sounds logical, considering that the new model should feature both spacious cabin and a bed with decent dimensions. The Volvo Pickup Truck will be a luxurious vehicle, so don’t count on a single cab design or similar things. Expect to see a cab design that can easily accommodate five people, with plenty of legroom and top-quality materials.

Volvo Pickup Truck Interior

If we can judge by the XC90’s cabin, the new Volvo Pickup Truck interior will definitely look very luxurious. The mid-size SUV features one of the most luxurious cabins in the segment, characterized by top-notch materials and a stylish dashboard design. A vertically-positioned touchscreen dominates, along with the fact that there aren’t too many analog controls. The new truck should feature pretty much the same dashboard layout.

Volvo Pickup Truck interiorBesides amazing interior quality, the new pickup should come in Volvo’s traditional manner, full of safety systems. Even the most basic models will come with things like rearview camera, adaptive cruise control, following distance indicator, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert. Standard features should also be advanced systems like lane departure warning, lane keeps assist, road departure mitigation, driver attention monitoring, and speed limit recognition. Hi-grade models should also offer things like parking assist, head-up display, a surround-view parking camera etc.

Volvo Pickup Truck Engines

While other aspects of the potential truck are leaving lots of room for speculation, this area seems pretty clear. We expect to see all those powertrain options that are available in the SUV sibling. This means that the base version should come with a 2.0-liter turbo inline-four, which is good for about 250 horsepower. The same engine is available in a version with both turbo and supercharger and delivers around 315 horses.

In parts of the world like Europe, expect Volvo Pickup Truck for sale with diesel units as well. The base version would feature a 2.0-liter turbodiesel with 190 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. You can also count on a twin-turbo diesel unit, which adds around 35 horses and more than 50 pound-feet of torque.

Finally, expect to see a familiar T8 hybrid version, which comes with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine, which comes with both turbo and supercharger, and also features a couple of electric motors. This quite complicated system features a combined output of 400 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque.

Volvo Pickup Truck mainDoes a luxury truck make any sense?

Without any doubt, pickup trucks are the most popular vehicles in North America. However, you can’t find a luxury truck on the market. Luxurious trims are popular, but premium brands are not. Even the new X-Class from Mercedes-Benz can’t be found in this part of the world. Keep in mind that a common mid-size truck in its base variant goes between 25.000 and 30.000 dollars. The Volvo Pickup Truck price could easily cost two times more.


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