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Toyota FT-4X Release Date and Specs

Toyota FT-4X release date

It looks like the boxy orange SUV will be more than just a concept car. resented two years ago at the New York Auto Show. It has drawn a lot of attention due to its very interesting design. Many saw it as a spiritual successor of the cult Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Still, it came with different overall design characteristics. Although with a rugged look, it is actually a unibody crossover, which leads us to the conclusion that Toyota aims millennials and also those who feel like that. In any case, it looks like the new model is near and that the Toyota FT-4X release date could happen already in the next year.

Toyota FT-4X release date

Toyota FT-4X Design

Despite the Toyota FT-4X release date is still relatively far away, we are pretty sure about most design characteristics of this modern SUV. First of all, it would be important to locate the model’s position in the company’s lineup. This one should be slotted between subcompact C-HR and compact RAV4 models. Still, keep in mind that this primarily refers to the size. In terms of design characteristics, the Toyota FT-4X will come with a completely different approach.

It is designed as a capable off-roader while keeping excellent on-road ride quality as well. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you hear that this SUV rides on a unibody platform. Of course, some qualities will have to be sacrificed. In this particular case, it refers to the utility. This definitely won’t be a capable vehicle in terms of towing and hauling but to be honest, no one expects that from the Toyota FT-4X.

Toyota FT-4X Styling

In terms of aesthetics, we have no doubt that the new SUV will heavily rely on the concept version. The Toyota FT-4X release date is still unknown, but as the closer we get to the Toyota FT-4X release date, we will know more details. In any case, expect to see the same approach that we saw at the New York Auto Show.

Toyota FT-4X release date styling

Although basically a crossover, the Toyota FT-4X will be characterized by a pretty SUV-ish look, characterized by rugged appearance, boxy edges, and short overhangs. Without any doubt, such design will bring usually-boring Toyota much closer to Millennials. Of course, count on several modifications compared to the concept version, with a fine portion production-friendly parts.

Toyota FT-4X Interior

Same goes for the interior design. The Toyota FT-4X will definitely come with a lot of distinctive solutions. Still, don’t expect to see a complete copy of the concept version. This especially refers to the dashboard. On the other side, the overall layout will remain pretty much the same. Its cubic shape will provide many good things on the inside, especially when it comes to the cargo room and overall interior space. Are we going to see that interesting tailgate, which opens both like a door and like a hatch, it is still hard to say.
In any case, count on lots of standard equipment.

This company traditionally offers plenty of safety systems already in most basic versions of its models and this model definitely won’t be an exception. Compared to the current typical list of standard safety features, we could see a couple of updates, but that largely depends on the Toyota FT-4X release date.

Toyota FT-4X release date interior

Toyota FT-4X Engine

When it comes to the engines, we count on familiar units from the Japanese manufacturer. Considering that this will be a crossover and that will ride on the company’s new TNGA platform, we count on electrified versions as well. Still, base models will probably come with a new 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated engine which is good for about 170 horsepower. Count on a 2.0-liter turbo inline-four as well. This one delivers around 235 horsepower. As we’ve just mentioned, a hybrid version is also about to come in the future.

Toyota FT-4X Release Date and Price

When it comes to the Toyota FT-4X release date and price, it is still hard to say anything more specific, since we are still waiting to hear details from the officials.

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