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Skoda Enters the Truck Market with Mountiaq Truck!?


Oct 4, 2019
Skoda Mountiaq Pickup Truck

One of the most interesting things about the Czech carmaker is that this company runs its academy for designers and engineers for more than 90 years. It is a kind of in-house school, which trains designers and engineers that will run the production in the future. In 2014, the company started a new tradition. Each year, the academy produces a one-off concept car, which is a perfect opportunity for the best students to show off their skills. This year, Skoda came up with something pretty interesting. Initially, there were two suggestions on the table – hi-performance Octavia or Kodiaq-based pickup truck. Students voted for the Skoda Montiaq pickup truck.

Therefore, a pretty attractive pickup truck was built and not only that it looks amazing, but the company is also seriously considering serial production. Pickups are becoming more and more popular these years, even in Europe, where there are some new players in the game and everyone is waiting to see something from the VW Group.

Skoda Montiaq Design

The new concept features a lot of interesting new details. Although a familiar Kodiaq SUV has been taken as the basis, a lot of work needed to be done. While the undeprinting and most mechanics remain the same, there are many modifications in terms of exterior and interior design.

Skoda Mountiaq Pickup Truck


From the outside, you can obviously notice a completely new body style. This pickup truck layout required a lot of work from the engineers and designers. Of course, the most challenging part was the rear end of the vehicle, where the new model features a flat cargo bed and newly-designed tailgate. Of course, the cabin is shorter compared to the Kodiaq, so you may notice shorter doors and windows. The front end is heavily based on the popular SUV, but students wanted to emphasize its roughness.

Therefore, there are numerous additional details. So of the first thing, you’ll notice are front air intake snorkel, with a winch and bull bars mounted on the front grille. Also, both bumpers are completely new. Naturally, there are new wheels, with new rims and off-road tires. Also, the vehicle’s suspension has been raised for about an inch.


A nice amount of new details can be noticed on the inside. Of course, the most obvious difference compared to the Kodiaq is lack of rear seats, but the Skoda Montiaq comes with a plethora of distinctive details. One of the first things you’ll notice is that the whole cabin features orange accents that match the exterior color.

Also, you can notice a unique “Montiaq” stitching on the seats. The dashboard looks pretty much the same as in the SUV. Still, there are some pretty exclusive features, including a new sound system. When it comes to the cargo bed, it seems spacious enough. We like the fact it is completely flat and that it also features storage compartments underneath.

Skoda Mountiaq Pickup Truck Interior

Skoda Montiaq Engine and Performances

This aspect doesn’t come with bigger surprises. Besides new suspension setup and raised ground clearance, mechanics are pretty much the same as in the Kodiaq. Therefore, the concept features a familiar 2.0-liter TSFI gasoline engine, which is good for about 190 horsepower. Still, the most interesting thing about this pickup truck is the fact that it rides on a unibody MQB platform.

In practice, that means that Skoda Montiaq delivers a pretty balanced ride, which isn’t only about capabilities and off-road performances, but also about comfortable and refined on-road drive. Steering is pretty precise, despite the off-road tires, while the ride is smooth and quiet.

Skoda Mountiaq Pickup Truck Rear

Is there a chance for serial production?

It is hard to say at this point. Although Skoda management initially stated that this is a one-off concept, we won’t be surprised if key people of the company change their minds, as it looks like there’s quite of interest in such a vehicle. Pickup trucks are becoming more popular these days and the Skoda Montiaq would definitely find the way to many customers, just like it was the case with Honda Ridgeline especially those who don’t necessarily need highly-capable body-on-frame trucks. In any case, one of the biggest challenges is the fact that the company probably wouldn’t have enough production capacities, to build enough models to meet demands of the market, considering that all assemblies work on full capacity for years.

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