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Lexus Pickup Truck Will be America’s First Luxury Truck

Lexus Pickup Truck main

It’s no secret that the truck market is in a constant growth in the last few years. Therefore, many manufacturers have decided to enter the segment that was so far reserved for a pretty exclusive company of carmakers. You can see that numerous carmakers are developing all-new mid-size trucks. Some companies like Ford and Dodge are reviving their old familiar nameplates as well. However, we haven’t see luxurious trucks on the market so far. There are some luxury trim levels of certain trucks, such as Sierra Denali, but we’ve never seen a genuine luxury truck before. Latest reports suggest we won’t wait to see it for a too long. It should arrive as the Lexus Pickup Truck, in the near future.

Lexus Pickup Truck Design

Just like more than two decades ago, Toyota will once again pioneer a completely new luxury segment. If you are an older-generation guy, you probably knew that Toyota’s Lexus RX was the first luxury SUV to come to the market. These days, we are about to see the first luxury truck in North America. We say North America because there is already a model called the X-Class, by the famous German carmaker Mercedes-Benz. However, it is available in Europe and a few more markets only.

Lexus Pickup Truck specsAccording to reliable insiders, the company has no intention to offer this truck in the United States. The reason is that, despite the huge popularity of trucks in North America, most drivers would probably insist on mainstream brands, cause this guarantees much more attractive price. On the other side, a luxurious mid-size truck like this would probably cost more than a common full-size truck, which doesn’t make any sense for most American drivers. Therefore, this Toyota’s move might be a little risky.

Lexus Pickup Truck Specs

Rumors about the new model have been circulating for a couple of years. At this point, we can say for sure that Lexus Pickup Truck 2018 model definitely won’t come. Still, we can easily presume some of the main design characteristics. The new model will be a mid-size truck. Therefore, there is no doubt that the amazing Toyota Tacoma will serve as a basis for this truck.

This means that we can count on all those great things that characterize the North American Hilux, as many car experts like to say. In practice, this means that the Lexus Pickup Truck will also feature spectacular off-road performances. On the other side, it definitely won’t be one of the most capable trucks when it comes to towing. We definitely can’t take this as a drawback. Those who need a truck that can two 7.000 pounds or more definitely won’t buy such a luxurious vehicle.

Lexus Pickup Truck Styling

In terms of the styling, there is still a lot of room for speculations. As you probably know the current GX and LX SUVs are pretty old and definitely won’t serve as an inspiration for the Lexus Pickup Truck. We expect to see an application of the brand’s newest design language, characterized by a new version of the famous spindle grille, with a brand-new patter. In terms of the overall body layout, we expect similar proportions to the Tacoma. Of course, the new truck definitely won’t come in a single cab version. Expect two comfortable rows of seating and a very large cabin, which could even mean a lot of sacrifice in terms of bed size.

Lexus Pickup Truck priceInterior

On the inside, expect to see a completely new cabin, something that will serve as a prelude for the next-generation GX and LX models. This would mean a completely new dashboard layout, probably inspired by the new RX, but still with a more rugged overall look. Of course, you can bet on the latest tech features, including Toyota’s newest driver aids, as well as a very long list of standard comfort and convenience features.

Lexus Pickup Truck Engines

This aspect of the truck is a bit of a mystery at the moment. We doubt that the new Lexus Pickup Truck will feature uber-thirsty V8 engines from GX and LX models. On the other side, base trim levels could easily come with the Tacoma’s 3.5-liter V6, which is good for about 280 horsepower. Some reports suggest that upscale versions are about to come with the Lexus’ exclusive V8 engine. It is a 5.0-liter V8 unit with around 470 horsepower. Doesn’t sound impossible at all. Finally, some reports also suggest a hybrid version in the future.

Lexus Pickup TruckLexus Pickup Truck Release Date and Price

If you wonder when will the Lexus Pickup Truck be available for sale, it is still unknown. Despite numerous reports, we are still waiting for the official confirmation. If it arrives, the Lexus Pickup Truck price will be pretty high.

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