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Kia Pickup Truck Price, Specs, Platform, Engine

Kia Pickup Truck

Speculations about Kia Pickup Truck aren’t a new thing at all. We’ve been hearing these stories for years and it looks like we are finally about to see it. As one of the world’s leading car companies, Hyundai and Kia would definitely benefit from the further lineup expansion. Currently, the Korean manufacturer is offering only passenger cars and crossovers, so it would be nice to see something completely new from it. Still, there are a few issues in terms of platform and company’s capacity to finalize this venture, but nothing that a huge company like this one can’t manage.

Latest reports suggest that the new model is already in development and that the new truck could come pretty soon. Most likely, we will see a Kia Pickup Truck concept version first, while the production would start soon after.

Kia Pickup Truck conceptKia Pickup Truck Platform

The first and most important issue as a platform. Pickup trucks usually ride on a classic body-on-frame architecture. However, the Korean manufacturer doesn’t have such platform in its lineup. Though there are numerous SUVs of different sizes in the offer, all of them are modern, unibody crossover. Developing a completely new one for this model, on purpose, would definitely be very expensive. Therefore, the Kia Pickup Truck will most likely ride on a unibody, crossover-based chassis.

Thought it is a little bit uncommon design solution, it won’t be the first time to see it. One of the class-leading models, the Honda Ridgeline features such design and it is doing pretty well on the market. Expect to see a few more unibody trucks in the future, especially among premium carmakers.

Kia Pickup Truck frontWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of a unibody platform?

Each design approach has weaknesses, so let’s start with them. Compared to body-on-frame trucks, you can expect weaker results in terms of capabilities. Such chassis is less rigid and definitely can’t provide working characteristics that are on par with a classic truck. For example, the Ridgeline can tow up to 5.000, while classic trucks like Chevy Colorado are good for more than 7.000 pounds. Obviously, the Kia Pickup Truck’s towing capacity will be in Ridgeline’s range. On the other side, this design offers significantly better driving experience. The new truck would act like any other common crossover, which means significantly better driving dynamics, not to mention a car-like cabin layout and superior comfort.

Kia Pickup Truck Styling

If we can rely on the latest reports, the new model will most likely come in the next year. Therefore, the Kia Pickup Truck 2019 will come with up-to-date styling, adapted to Kia’s newest design language. Considering that this will be a mid-size truck, most of the design characteristics will be shared with the Kia Sorento. The popular crossover is coming with a major update for the next year.

It is a classic facelift, which brings lots of novelties, primarily at the front end. Some of the highlights are revised headlights, new grille, reshaped bumpers, new taillights etc. All these new details will find their place in the new Kia Pickup Truck as well. In terms of the body style, we definitely don’t expect some single-cab, working version of the truck, considering platform limitations. Most likely, we will see double cab Kia Pickup Truck models only, comfort-oriented, with a long list of standard equipment.

Kia Pickup Truck side viewInterior

On the inside, the new model should come with two comfortable rows of seating and a cabin full of hi-quality materials. It’s not hard to guess that the new Kia Pickup Truck will feature an interior layout similar or even same as the Sorento. This means a pretty common, conventional-looking dashboard, full of quality, soft-touch materials. The great impression should be fulfilled with a long list of standard equipment. When it comes to trim levels, count on a similar organization as in other Kia models, which means versions like L, LX, EX, SX, SXL etc.

Kia Pickup Truck Engines

We expect to see several engine options for the new truck. The Kia Pickup Truck USA model will definitely come with gasoline engines only. Base models should come with four cylinders. Most likely, it will be a familiar 2.4-liter unit with around 185 horsepower. A new, more efficient 2.0-liter turbo inline-four is also possible. Finally, we should see six cylinders at the top of the offer. Of course, we count on the company’s well-known 3.3-liter unit, with around 270 horsepower.

In some other parts of the world, like Europe, a diesel version is possible too. We count on a familiar 2.2-liter engine, which delivers around 200 horsepower.

Depending on the engine, the transmission will be either 6- or 8-speed automatic.

Kia Pickup Truck rear viewKia Pickup Truck Release Date and Price

If we can trust the latest reports, the new model is under development and should come in the near future, maybe even in the next year. When it comes to the Kia Pickup Truck price, we expect it will be some kind of a cheaper alternative to the Honda Ridgeline. Therefore, base versions will probably go around 27/28.000 dollars.

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