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Infiniti Pickup Truck Rumors, Diesel, Price

Infiniti Pickup Truck

Lots of interesting things are happening in the past few years in the automotive industry and one of them is that even premium carmakers started to work on pickup trucks. In the past, these vehicles were considered as classic workhorses. Meanwhile, things have changed. Various renowned truck makers started to introduce comfort-oriented, luxury trims of their models. This was predominately made by U.S. manufacturers but it is a common thing among all companies that make trucks in these days. A few years later, it was time for luxury trucks. It started with the Mercedes-Benz X-Class and now many premium brands are preparing their own luxurious trucks, including arch-rivals from Bavaria and Ingolstadt. Japanese companies also started to work on such vehicles. Most of the companies will focus on mid-size models first, so we expect Infiniti Pickup Truck to stick to these measurements as well.

Infiniti Pickup Truck front

Infiniti Pickup Truck Design

Unlike most of these premium manufacturers, Infiniti actually has a fantastic basis for the new model. Just like the X-Class, it will be heavily based on the famous Nissan Navara, which is among leading mid-size trucks for years. That will be a great advantage over companies like Audi or BMW, which actually don’t have anything similar in the offer, anything that rides on a classic body-on-frame architecture.

Therefore, we can say that the Infiniti Pickup Truck will be not just stylish, but capable as well. You can bet on towing ratings over 7.000 pound and more. Also, a rugged construction will ensure excellent off-road performances as well, along with the company’s famous durability and reliability.

Infiniti Pickup Truck concept

Infiniti Pickup Truck Styling

When it comes to the styling, we have no doubt that the Infiniti Pickup Truck will stick to the company’s latest design language. In practice, this means lots of sleek lines, something that isn’t so common thing in the era of sharp angles. Anyway, expect lots of similarities with crossovers of a similar size, predominately QX50. Still, the overall shape will definitely be a little bit boxier, due to a traditional body-on-frame platform. Therefore, we count on lots of inspiration from the recent QX80 Monograph concept. Most likely, the Infiniti Pickup Truck will feature similar face, just in a smaller package. When it comes to size and proportions, don’t expect from the new model to go too far away from Navara. Most likely, we will see the same wheelbase, while the overall measurements could be a little bit larger.

How will Infiniti Pickup Truck look from the inside?

This aspect of the Infiniti Pickup Truck is a little bit tricky at the moment. As you probably know, the current lineup of this brand doesn’t feature too many brand-new models. The renewing process of the entire fleet should start soon and that’s the reason why we believe that the new truck will come based on some of the new crossovers. Fortunately for us, a new mid-size crossover is about to come soon, so we would have a chance to make a clearer picture of how the Infiniti Pickup Truck interior would like. In any case. Count on a design that features lots of smooth and attractive lines, as well as on lots of hi-grade materials.

The overall cabin design should come in some kind of a double cab or crew cab layout. We definitely won’t see single-cab models. Most likely, the new Infiniti Pickup Truck will come in just one body style in the offer and it should feature a pretty spacious cabin. There’s no doubt that the new model will lot of space and generous leg and headroom in both rows of seating.

Infiniti Pickup Truck price

Infiniti Pickup Truck Engine

The new truck should come in both diesel and gasoline versions. The Infiniti Pickup Truck sibling from Mercedes-Benz is currently sold outside North America. Therefore, it features a diesel engine. So, many believe that the Infiniti’s model will also come with an oil-burner. It should use the same 3.0-liter diesel V6, which delivers around 255 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque.

Still, the North American version will definitely feature a gasoline engine. At this point, a familiar 3.7-liter V6 seems like the best solution. It currently delivers around 325 horsepower, but we won’t be surprised to see it with even more power for this occasion.

When will Infiniti Pickup Truck arrive?

At this point, the Infiniti Pickup Truck is just a rumor. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard anything from the officials so far. The company’s management remains silent, so this article is completely base on rumors and our speculations. Therefore, we could also make some rough estimation of the Infiniti Pickup Truck price. It definitely won’t be cheap. Most likely, base models will go around 40.000 dollars.

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