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Will there be a new Honda Element?

Honda Element Redesign

At the time when the original Honda Element was introduced, it was one of the most interesting novelties on the carmaker. At the dawn of the crossover expansion, this was something pretty unusual. It comes as a small crossover with focus on practicality, but with aesthetics strongly in mind. The result of such a design approach was a boxy, super-practical vehicle, characterized by very interesting and, at that time, unusual boxy shape.

The original version of this crossover came in 2003. The reception was pretty amazing, both from experts and from the crowd. Initial years were quite successful in terms of sale numbers as well. However, they started to decrease a couple of years later, so discontinuation was an unavoidable thing. However, the cult of this model remained pretty strong, so rumors about the comeback appeared soon after.

Honda Element Redesign

Such reports became pretty frequent in the past few years, and many believe that the Japanese manufacturer is actually about to revive this model, maybe even as Honda Element 2019. At this point, we still haven’t heard anything from the officials, so take all the following info with a big dose of a reserve.

Will there be a new Honda Element?

The question of all questions – Will there be a new Honda Element? As we already mentioned, reports about the Honda Element are numerous these days. Many of them suggest its comeback already in this year, which is hard to believe, considering that there are no words from the officials still. However, that doesn’t stop car enthusiast to speculate about the new model, not just about general design characteristics, but even about specific things like new Honda Element colors etc. Of course, this is nothing more than imagination, so we are pretty sure that the new model, even if it arrives, won’t hit the market so soon.

Honda Element Redesign

When it comes to the Honda Element redesign, we can only speculate at this point. The original model was compact in size. So, we may presume that the new version won’t be much bigger. That’s where the problem begins. The Honda’s lineup is already filled up. There is a subcompact HR-V, compact CR-V, and a mid-size Pilot. Most likely, the new Honda Element would take the place somewhere between subcompact and compact segment, as a kind of lifestyle alternative to practical but pretty common HR-V and CR-V models. Compared to these excellent crossovers, the Honda Element revival would bring a familiar boxy shape once again. We expect that the new model would stick to the styling philosophy of the original model, with a boxy shape.

Of course, this would include a completely new design language. The original model shared a lot of styling solutions with the Ridgeline. This time, we presume, the Element would be a little bit more regular, probably with the front end heavily influenced by other crossovers from the lineup.

Honda Element towing capacity

Honda Element Interior

This aspect of the new Honda Element is still a mystery, even for all those speculators. The only thing that is certain is that the boxy shape would provide a high level of functionality and practicality. This refers to various areas. First of all, the new crossover would be very generous in terms of the leg and headroom. The cargo area will also be pretty spacious. Most importantly, it’s boxy shape would be a perfect solution for ins and outs of large, bulky objects.

On the other side, the interior styling is still a bit of a mystery. This primarily refers to the dashboard design, for which we aren’t so sure how it would look like. While some reports suggest a lot of similarities with other crossovers in the lineup, we hope it could come with a fine number of distinctive details. Something like simplified but at the same time, the stylish dash would be a good solution for a vehicle that is not just practical, but also keeps a lot of attention to its lifestyle character.

Honda Element Engines

This is probably the only aspect where we have no bigger doubts about the new Element. Count on Honda’s familiar units, starting from a well-known 2.4-liter atmospheric inline-four, which delivers around 185 horsepower. A new 1.5-liter turbo inline-four should be in the offer too. This unit comes in different outputs, but this version would probably come with around 200 horsepower.

Despite being very practical for payloads, don’t expect miracles in terms of Honda Element towing capacity. After all, this would be just a crossover, pretty small one. On the other side, Honda Element mpg ratings should be pretty high. Some reports also suggest that a hybrid version could arrive.

Honda Element price

Honda Element Release Date and Price

One of the biggest questions about the new model is when to expect available Honda Element for sale. It is pretty hard to say at this point and the same goes for the price, which would probably go somewhere around 25.000 dollars.

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