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BMW Pickup Truck Concept, Interior, Price

BMW Pickup Truck price

A couple of decades ago, the whole automotive world was surprised to see an SUV from a carmaker that was traditionally known for sports cars. These days, the Bavarian carmaker is about to introduce another surprise. Pickup trucks were always popular, but today’s drivers seek not just for a capable working machine, but also comfortable and luxurious vehicles. Therefore, you can notice that several premium carmakers started or plan to produce such vehicles. The Bavarian carmaker is one of them and latest reports suggest that the BMW Pickup Truck will come pretty soon, probably in a year or two. We are about to see a stylish and luxurious, but also capable pickup truck.

It will be a mid-size truck and it will ride on a unibody platform, which still isn’t such a common design solution. The rest of the design will come in a typical BMW manner, with familiar design language, engines etc.

BMW Pickup Truck price

BMW Pickup Truck Design

Of course, the first thing that bothers all car enthusiasts in the overall design approach, platform in particular. Through the history, this carmaker was known for amazing history, so it’s no wonder it doesn’t have any body-on-frame architecture in its portfolio. In the past few years, the company cooperates with Toyota and many experts see the truck is a tight relationship with models like Tacoma and Hilux.

However, the latest reports are pretty clear in statements that the BMW Pickup Truck is about to ride on a unibody platform. Naturally, this leads us to the company’s new CLAR platform, which underprints pretty much all new models in the company’s lineup.

This model, in particular, will have most things in common with the recently redesigned X5. Two models would feature similar size and overall dimensions, so these rumors sound very likely.

BMW Pickup Truck Styling

When it comes to the styling, we are still in a stage of speculations. The new model is still in an early stage of development and we are still far away from a testing model. Therefore, many believers that the company will present some kind of a BMW Pickup Truck concept first, in order to show us the direction of a new pickup.

Though the new model is relatively close, the BMW Pickup Truck 2019 concept probably won’t come. Therefore, we can only speculate about the new model. Of course, some of its characteristics are pretty easy to guess. For example, we have no doubt that the front end will look very close to the new X5.

The BMW Pickup Truck will feature pretty much the same face, based on the new design language, which brings bigger kindle grille and more angular approach. On the other side, the rest of the vehicle should come in a typical truck manner.

BMW Pickup Truck

Considering that the new model will belong to the premium segment, we are pretty sure that some kind of a working version won’t be offered. So, don’t count on a single cab design. Most likely, the BMW Pickup Truck will come with a cabin that stands somewhere between typical double and crew cab layouts. Count on plenty of space inside the cabin, while the cargo bed probably won’t be too long.

BMW Pickup Truck Interior

Although a pickup truck, this model will belong to the premium segment. Therefore, the BMW Pickup Truck interior will come with a lot of quality. We expect from the new truck to mimic the new X5. In practice, that would mean a lot of hi-quality materials and a relatively blend dashboard, which will be more than enough in this case. The dashboard will be simple and many of you will be glad to hear that there won’t be too many digital controls. The new X5 kept a big portion of analog buttons and knobs and we are pretty sure that the BMW Pickup Truck interior will be quite the same.

BMW Pickup Truck Engines

Count on a familiar engine lineup. We have no doubt that the BMW Pickup Truck will come with the same engines as the X5. That means that the base models will be powered with a familiar 3.0-liter inline-six, which is good for about 335 horsepower. A bigger 4.4-liter V8, which is good for about 456 horsepower, should be in the offer as well. Both engines will feature quite decent fuel economy. Those who seek for something more economical could hope for a diesel version in the offer. Count on a well-known 8-speed automatic transmission and the xDrive AWD system is all models. Some reports also suggest a hybrid version in the future.

BMW Pickup Truck interior

When will BMW Pickup Truck arrive?

It is still hard to say when to expect BMW Pickup Truck for sale. Latest reports aren’t too precise, so the best we can say at the moment is in about a year or two.

How much BMW Pickup Truck will cost?

It is still hard to make some more precise predictions about the BMW Pickup Truck price. It depends on many factors, so a rough estimation that goes between 45.000 and 50.000 dollars for the base model is best we can give you at the moment.

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