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2023 Suzuki Grand Vitara Comeback Rumors


Jul 6, 2022
2023 Suzuki Grand Vitara

The legendary Vitara has been offered in many iterations so far and the current generation has lost the “Grand” in its name. It is rather just a subcompact crossover, which is smaller and designed to be more efficient. However, this could change again. Allegedly, the Japanese manufacturer is working on the new generation, which will come in a stretched version as well. That model would carry the legendary “Grand” moniker and come as the 2023 Suzuki Grand Vitara.

At this point, the officials are still quiet on this matter. The current generation has been around since 2015 and it could use some updates, even though it is still a pretty amazing SUV. We presume that the new generation would bring many more novelties, other than the stretched wheelbase. Naturally, we count on the new aesthetics and interior design, but some upgrades under the hood are possible too.

The 2023 Suzuki Grand Vitara should arrive sometime in the next year.

2023 Suzuki Grand Vitara
2022 Suzuki Vitara

2023 Suzuki Grand Vitara Design

The 2023 Suzuki Grand Vitara would come as an all-new model, along with the redesign of the standard Vitara. This redesign would bring a lot of novelties, which is no wonder if we consider that the current generation has been around since 2015. Of course, changes would be numerous, starting from the new platform and new mechanics. We have no doubt that the new model would utilize some lightweight materials and feature an even better driving experience than the current model.

Of course, the 2023 Grand Vitara would feature notably bigger dimensions than the standard Vitara. We presume that the wheelbase would get pretty close to 105 inches, so the new model can compete with models like RAV4, CR-V etc.

Naturally, we also count on new aesthetics. Considering that the current generation still looks very nice and fresh, we presume that the styling changes would rather be evolutionary. Of course, we count on a little bit bulkier and more rugged design approach, but we don’t expect any radical changes in this aspect.


The current Vitara is one of the most affordable models in the class and therefore, there are some compromises. That’s most notable in terms of the interior design, which isn’t at the same level as most rivals. Simply, this cabin utilizes cheap materials, while the dashboard looks a little bit outdated. That could change with the 2023 Suzuki Grand Vitara, which should bring nicer materials, more modern aesthetics and a lot of new tech features.

2023 Suzuki Grand Vitara
2022 Suzuki Vitara

Considering the bigger dimensions, we have no doubt that the new Grand Vitara will be quite spacious. We count on two comfortable rows of seats, which will be able to accommodate five adults with ease. The cargo area should also offer some pretty respectable numbers.

2023 Suzuki Grand Vitara Engines

When it comes to the powertrain, we also expect to see some novelties. Of course,  units from the standard Vitara will be borrowed. This model current comes in two variants. Standard models a combination of a 1.4-liter turbo-four engine and a mild-hybrid setup, which provides surprisingly good performances. Also, there is a new hybrid version, which puts out around 115 horsepower. It isn’t particularly fast but it is pretty efficient.

Still, the Grand Vitara would also need something more powerful, in order to compete with more powerful rivals. We presume that the 1.4-liter turbo-four could come with some power upgrades, but we don’t exclude the possibility to see a new engine option as well, with bigger displacement and more torque.

2023 Suzuki Grand Vitara
2022 Suzuki Vitara

2023 Suzuki Grand Vitara Release Date and Price

If we can trust rumors, the 2023 Suzuki Grand Vitara could arrive already in the next year. However, the officials are still quiet, so it’s hard to tell if this comeback is going to happen or not. At this point, we can only hope for it. If it happens, we presume that the starting price would be notably lower compared to key players in the segment, such as the RAV4 and CR-V, which currently start at around 27.000 dollars.

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