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2023 Jeep Baby SUV: What We Know So Far


Jul 22, 2022
2023 Jeep Baby SUV electric

Jeep is expanding its lineup and, believe it or not, things can go even smaller than Renegade. The company is about to launch a new SUV, which will be the smallest and cheapest in the lineup. It will be one of the first FCA models that will directly benefit from the merger with PSA, which created a large Stellantis Group. The new model is expected to arrive already in the next year, probably as the 2023 Jeep Baby SUV.

At this point, we are still waiting for the exact details about the new model. Still, we know for sure it will feature pretty compact dimensions. Also, we expect it will use the PSA’s platform, while one of the most prominent aspects of the vehicle should be the all-electric powertrain. However, we count on more conventional powertrain options too.

2023 Jeep Baby SUV

2023 Jeep Baby SUV Design

Jeep prepares a brand-new SUV, which will be the entry-level model in its lineup. Considering the expected size, we will call it the 2023 Jeep Baby SUV for now, as the company hasn’t come up with the nameplate yet. In any case, we count on a lot of interesting design solutions from it.

First of all, this model will ride on PSA’s platform. We are talking about the CMP platform, which already underpins a variety of small models in the company’s lineup, such as DS3 Crossback and Opel Mokka. The Jeep’s small crossover will have a lot of things in common with these models, while the new platform will also open up a whole new spectrum of possibilities, regarding powertrain and the latest technologies.

When it comes to the exterior design, we already mentioned that this model will be the smallest in the lineup. Some sources suggest a wheelbase of around 100 inches. In terms of styling, we count on a lot of inspiration to be taken from the bigger siblings, such as Renegade and Compass, particularly at the front.

2023 Jeep Baby SUV Render


This aspect is still a mystery, so the only thing we could do is to speculate about it. At this point, we can only presume that the cabin layout will include a couple of fancy, or even funky elements because that’s a pretty typical thing in this segment, which works as a method of attracting more customers.

In terms of interior space, we may presume that the small size will bring limited passenger space. The second row will probably be tight for adults, but kids should enjoy a comfortable ride. On the other hand, the front seats should be spacious and comfortable.

2023 Jeep Baby SUV Powertrain

One of the most anticipated things about the 2023 Jeep Baby SUV is its all-electric powertrain. From what we know so far, the new crossover will use Peugeot’s familiar system, which includes a single electric motor on the front axle, with a max output of 136 horsepower. That should be enough power to move this tiny crossover with ease, while we also count on the same 50-kWh battery pack, which should ensure around 200 kilometres of range of around 200 miles.


However, this architecture isn’t electric-only. It also supports conventional internal-combustion engines, so we are pretty sure that the 2023 Jeep Baby SUV will be offered with such units as well. The first engine that comes to mind is PSA’s familiar 1.2-liter turbo petrol, which would probably come with both 6-speed manual and 8-speed automatic transmissions on offer.

We could also see a diesel version for some markets. That model would use the company’s newer-generation 1.5-liter HDi unit.

2023 Jeep Baby SUV electric

2023 Jeep Baby SUV Release Date

Even though the officials are still quiet, we expect that the 2023 Jeep Baby SUV  could hit the market already in the next year.



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