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2023 Ford Courier: Rumors and Expectations


Dec 7, 2022
2023 Ford Courier

It’s been a while since the Blue Oval management announced that the future of the company will be mostly about SUVs and pickups. As a result, we saw several new pickups in the last few years. The well-known models like F-150 and Ranger have been redesigned recently, while the company also introduced the brand-new Maverick, which rides on a unibody platform. Now, the company is considering another commercial vehicle. Allegedly, we are about to see a comeback of the familiar nameplate, in the form of the 2023 Ford Courier.

At this point, details are still unavailable. However, rumors suggest that the new model will once again put focus on markets like Europe and Australia, where small commercial vehicles are hugely popular. Therefore, we count on the same design approach as in the case of the previous generation, though in a little bit bigger package.

The new 2023 Ford Courier is expected to arrive already in the next year.

2023 Ford Courier

2023 Ford Courier Design

As we’ve just mentioned, the revived 2023 Ford Courier is expected to feature the same overall design approach as the previous version, which was produced for a very long time. That model was available in various layouts but the panel van form was the most popular. So, we are pretty sure that the new Courier will also come as a light commercial vehicle, though it could be a little bit bigger than before.

In practice, this means that parts would probably be shared with Focus, as well as with the Escape SUV. This means that the new model would feature bigger dimensions and ride on a bigger C2 platform. Of course, that also means more advanced mechanics, though we have no doubt that things will be notably simpler compared to the Focus. This particularly refers to the suspension setup, which would feature a more rudimental setup.

In terms of styling, the front face should closely mimic the FOcus, with the same headlights, grille etc. On the other hand, the body style would be different, in the light-commercial vehicle form, with a massive cargo area behind the front seats. Of course, we expect to see different configurations on offer.


A close relationship with Focus is expected on the inside as well. This particularly refers to the dashboard design, which would probably look the same or very similar. That sounds quite realistic, especially if we consider that the popular compact hatchback features a pretty conventional dash design, with a simple layout and lots of physical controls. Of course, the 2023 Ford Courier would be toned down even more, with more plastics and fewer tech features, with an analog instrument cluster, smaller infotainment screen etc.

2023 Ford Courier Interior
Ford Focus Interior

As a commercial vehicle, the new Courier will come with a single row of seats and a massive cargo area behind. However, we may see a passenger-oriented version as well. In that case, it would feature two rows of seats and a seating capacity of five.

2023 Ford Courier Engines

Things about powertrains are pretty simple. Most of the Focus units should find a place under COurier’s hood as well. Therefore, base models could easily come with a small three-cylinder 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine, which puts out around 125 horsepower. Another three-cylinder unit is expected –  a 1.5-liter engine with 180 horsepower.

Still, we presume that most drivers will go for a diesel, especially in markets like Europe and Australia. We presume that the Blue Oval company could offer both 1.5 and 2.0-liter diesel units. The former is available in variants with 95 and 120 horsepower, while the latter would probably be offered in a variant with 150 horsepower.

2023 Ford Courier render

2023 Ford Courier Release Date

At this point, the 2023 Ford Courier is still just a rumor. However, if we can trust the latest unofficial reports, the new panel van could arrive already in the next year.

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