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2022 VW ID Buzz Microbus


Oct 8, 2020
2022 VW ID Buzz Microbus old vs new

Microbus is coming back. This time, the famous vehicle is going all-electric. The 2022 VW ID Buzz Microbus will combine old and new, modern, and traditional. One of the most famous chassis in the world will be electrified. The ID concept will do the same with many other vehicles by the German carmaker. However, the Microbus is drawing a lot of attention thanks to its famous history.

The vehicle debuted in 2018, and shortly after that Volkswagen confirmed the production of the 2022 VW ID Buzz Microbus. Besides passengers, the minivan will be also specialized for cargo (ID BUZZ CARGO concept). The company left a lot of room for speculations. There are indications that high-end models will be pretty powerful. However, the offer will start at 200 hp. The range is not confirmed yet.

The 2022 VW ID Buzz Microbus will be based on the MEB platform. The German carmaker is very serious about the electrification of its vehicles, and we now have a few ID architectures near the production. Crossovers, SUVs, cars, and now minivan, are on the list, waiting to hit markets, starting late next season.

2022 VW ID Buzz Microbus old vs new

ID Buzz Uses Famous Design

The Microbus is a famous minivan. It has several names, in some parts of its history, it appeared in all parts of the world, and left a trace. It is still in production, after 70 years. Its styling is one of the most recognizable designs in history. Well, VW has several classic vehicles that can be on the top ten list. So, there is no surprise why bosses are trying to revive the minivan since this class is dying nowadays. Well, the Microbus is not in the sixth generation, with a totally different look.

The company is picking up the Type 2 design. During the 70s, the popularity of the minivan jumped significantly. It was a rear-engine mounted model with cheap maintenance. At the same time, it could transport a lot of people. The new 2022 VW ID Buzz Microbus will take some of the characteristics from its predecessor. However, modern times are looking for modern solutions. The shell will bring back memories, but that is where it ends. The interior is going to be digital, with a lot of screens. Also, the power comes from an electric unit, which can also be mounted at the back (another throwback).


Famous Type 2 minivan

A Few Things We Know About the 2022 VW ID Buzz Microbus

The 2022 VW ID Buzz Microbus will enter the production during 2022. The vehicle is still a concept, so big changes are possible before it enters the market. Volkswagen is not making too many things official. Still, there are hints telling fans what to expect. According to available info, two versions will be on sale in 2022 – the base unit, and the high-output model. Details are variable – the entry-level minivan could get between 200 and 270 horsepower. If this is not enough, the upscale offer comes with at least 380 ponies. All-wheel drive is certain as a part of the Modular Electric Drive (MEB).


The battery for the ID Buzz is 48 kWh and 110 kWh (two models). The first one will be able to cover 200 miles (320 km) and the other version is good for 340 miles (550 km). Still, VW will need a recharging network to make the ownership more convenient. The company is developing fast chargers. In 30 minutes, these systems will refill 80 percent of battery. Prototypes showed a lot of potentials, especially the base one covering 200 miles during a test ride.

2022 VW ID Buzz Microbus price

Estimated Price, 2022 VW ID Buzz Microbus Release Date

The base version of the 2022 VW ID Buzz Microbus will cost about $40,000. Is this too much or a good deal, no one can know? There are no electric minivans in the market at this moment. Chrysler Pacifica is the only hybrid vehicle from this segment. Another year will pass before the 2022 VW Microbus enters dealerships. More details about the price, specs, and interior will be available late in 2021.

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