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Three Things We Expect From 2022 Toyota Tacoma [Hybrid, Redesign, New TRD Pro]


Sep 15, 2020
2022 Toyota Tacoma trd pro

The flagship truck is not entering the new generation any time soon. Toyota will keep the current version of Tacoma at least until 2024. Still, it doesn’t mean updates are not possible. A small facelift debuted this season and for the upcoming years, we expect three big things. The first one is the final redesign. The second one is the update of the TRD Pro package, which arrived with the latest generation of the pickup. And finally, do not be surprised if the 2022 Toyota Tacoma introduces a hybrid engine.

So, the Japanese manufacturer is about to cement the position of its truck in the mid-size segment. Sales tell enough – Tacoma is the best model in the market. Still, the competition is more than tough. The 2022 Toyota Tacoma is not going to be the only pickup that will get the above-mentioned upgrades. On the other hand, we still expect a lot from this nameplate.

One thing is sure – Tacoma won’t get a diesel engine. Well, Toyota wrote off an oil-burner for Tundra, and for its smaller sibling, it is not official yet. The company turns to greener sources of power, which will eventually result in an all-electric truck.

2022 Toyota Tacoma trd pro

2022 Toyota Tacoma Redesign

The first thing the company will do on its truck is the redesign. This year, the vehicle got a couple of updates on the front fascia, but the styling still dates back from the first appearance of the latest generation, which arrived as 2016 YM. It is somehow the common downside for Toyota’s big rigs. Land Cruiser, Tundra, and Sequoia are even older. These three models need an update desperately.

The new generation of the Tacoma truck is coming soon. Still, there is enough time for the final update. The redesign will change the exterior and interior. A more aggressive appearance will lure younger buyers. Inside, safety comes first. Also, occupants will appreciate more comfort. Two- and four-door layout will be available, as well as different sizes of the bed. Toyota needs to bring some interesting features there to keep up with the competition in innovations.

New TRD Pro Package

Details about the update are not available yet. We cannot tell exactly what will 2022 Toyota Tacoma looks like. Still, rumors are bringing further interesting stories about updates. Again, we must wait for precise info, but the TRD Pro package will be updated. This year, Toyota included Sequoia SUV to the lineup.

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro will have a hell of the competition. The off-road upgrades include special shocks, unique suspension setup, all-terrain wheels, and protective parts on the body. All of them make Tacoma better than other trucks when it comes to off-road drive and towing in tough conditions.

Still, Chevrolet already updated the ZR2 package with Bison features. Nissan Frontier Pro-4X is usually undervalued without a reason. The main threat to Tacoma’s supremacy is Ford Ranger Raptor. The Blue Oval company always aims to the best. Finally, Jeep Gladiator is the newest truck in the mid-size segment, and we hear that Rubicon trim is getting further upgrades through the Hercules package.

2022 Toyota Tacoma redesign

2022 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid

This is probably the most interesting change in the upcoming truck. The redesign is the perfect chance to introduce a greener source of power. For some while, there are speculations about this model, but it seems that chances to appear as the 2022 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid are growing.

Toyota already started the electrification of big vehicles. The mid-size Highlander SUV was the only three-row model with a hybrid engine for some while. Now, it uses a very efficient system based on a four-cylinder drivetrain. Still, the truck will need power and torque, the gas mileage boost is just a bonus. The same SUV had a V6 as the base source of energy in its previous appearance. Hybrid based on this one boosted outputs to 310 hp, but it couldn’t achieve a respectable towing capacity. The truck will have to meet these demands if the company wants to fulfill sales expectations. Tacoma hybrid will need at least 7,000 pounds to be called a competitor.


Still No to Tacoma Diesel

The company stands firmly – the 2022 Toyota Tacoma diesel is not happening. Engineers have a task to create a hybrid unit. It will meet all the requirements of the US market. On the other hand, an oil-burner needs as much work as the new plant. It is now even harder for diesel engines to check all the laws and restrictions regarding the emission standards. Sooner or later, these mills will become history. So, it would be a waste of time, funds, sources, and energy on something that won’t exist in the near future.

When Will the 2022 Toyota Tacoma be Available?

Since the 2020 YM was updated a bit, the new edition is coming with only the Nightshade edition as a notable change. So, it leaves enough time for designers and engineers to fulfill at least two out of three things we expect to see from the 2022 Toyota Tacoma.

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