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Instead Of V8 2022 Toyota Sequoia Might Get Turbocharged V6


Jun 18, 2020
2022 Toyota Sequoia V8

After the small update for the upcoming season and the new TRD Pro package, the 2022 Toyota Sequoia is not going to be changed a lot. The company set the priority list and the full-size SUV is not among the first vehicles that will hit the new generation. It could happen in 2023 or 2024, after Tundra truck and 4Runner SUV.

Still, the carmaker is going to make some changes to keep the full-size model fresh and interesting. Now, with the TRD Pro and Android Auto, the SUV is definitely going to cover a wider market. The complete update of the infotainment system is next. Entune is going to offer more options. For a long time, Toyota didn’t want to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, thinking their system can be competitive. Last year the Japanese carmaker stepped back and allowed both services on their vehicles.

The most likely change of the Sequoia will be under the hood. Toyota introduced the I-Force Max engine. We don’t know too much about it. Rumors, saying this is the turbocharged V6 replacement for the existing V8, are coming from trusted sources. However, release date, availability, and specs are still unknown.

2022 Toyota Sequoia interior

2022 Toyota Sequoia Specs

Until the I-Force Max becomes official, the SUV is going to use an existing 5.7-liter V8 engine. It is one of the most reliable powertrains in the market with 380 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. The 2022 Toyota Sequoia will pair it with a six-speed automatic transmission. The main reason why bosses want to cut this unit is its exaggerated waste of fuel. The SUV will return only 13 mpg in the city. But, who drives a 205-inches long monster in tight urban streets? Still, the highway mileage is not much more encouraging. On the open road the Sequoia consumes 17 miles per gallon. The towing capacity will fix the situation with 7,500 pounds. However, this is still below most of the competition.

2022 Toyota Sequoia V8

V6 Turbo: Rumors, Specs, Release Date

The Japanese company filed for a new nameplate – I-Force Max. It turned out to be the new engine. According to our sources, this is a twin-turbo V6 replacement for the V8 unit. However, nothing is yet confirmed by Toyota. But, if this happens, all the vehicles that use a 5.7-liter displacement will switch to the new powerplant with the better gas mileage. The engine might have something to do with the new Lexus LX luxury SUV. It is another trademark Toyota is waiting for authorization. The company filed for the “LX600” badge. In this lineup, the number in alphanumeric nomenclature usually shows the displacement of the engine (GX460, LX570, RX350…). But, the “600” is confusing all the experts. Shall it be a 600-hp rated SUV or Toyota is going to develop a 6.0-liter engine?

2022 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro

One of the surprises for this season was the arrival of the new model. Sequoia joined the TRD Pro lineup. Well, everyone expected expansion, but no one knew which model is going to get it. The full-size SUV won the race and started the revival therapy. We hope this package will help it achieve better sales records. The 2022 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro is not in doubt. Even if the company decides to make some cuts, that won’t be the freshest model in the lineup.

The SUV becomes more capable of the off-road drive. Standard models come with 9.5 inches under the body, while the 2022 Toyota Sequoia will be lifted for at least half an inch. Also, the carmaker is using special shocks that will make an off-road drive smoother. A few badges outside, skid plates, and all-terrain tires are making the TRD Pro version more aggressive, even when not in dirt. Sequoia is the fourth member of the squad, after 4Runner SUV, and two trucks – Tundra and Tacoma.

Here is the Toyota 4Runner Redesign Schedule

2022 Toyota Sequoia trd pro


The new generation of the SUV is due for 2023 or 2024. Toyota will launch the next-gen Tundra truck first. The development is ahead of the schedule, so we might see it as the 2022 YM. After that, other big rigs are waiting in the queue. The current series are dating back from 2007 and it is not hard to say the SUV is old. A few updates cannot help and Toyota needs to launch a new generation. In the past few years, the rig struggled in the market and the TRD Pro is there to recover the sales. Still, the full-size class is not so popular nowadays, since mid-size models with three-rows of seats are offering similar performance and space for less money. The expectations from the 2022 Toyota Sequoia are not big, but bosses are going to want more when the vehicle hits the new generation.

2022 Toyota Sequoia Release Date and Price

The new 2022 Toyota Sequoia will be out in the second half of 2021. The company will start sales earlier to allow more time for the final development of the new generation. A lot of things depend on the I-Force Max engine. Price is one of them. If unchanged, we doubt the company will make the Sequoia more expensive from the current level. The offer starts just above $51,000 and the TRD Pro model adds $15,000.

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