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2022 Toyota Hilux Rumors: Hybrid is Almost Here


Jan 27, 2021
2022 Toyota Hilux invincible

One of the most popular pickup trucks in the US, Tacoma, is available in other markets as HiLux. Of course, there are differences. But, the purpose and size are the same. The 2022 Toyota Hilux is not going to be changed a lot. The latest model was facelifted and the new engine is added. We expect the same on the other side of the ocean with Tacoma. The pickup is becoming old, and a fresh powerplant will increase the interest in the pickup.

The situation with the competition is the same for both vehicles. The mid-size truck market revived in the US. Tacoma is still the best-seller in the class. On the other hand, the 2022 Toyota Hilux will fight against different rivals across the globe. We can say these vehicles are very popular in Australia, where local fans are calling them utes. No surprise, having in mind the size of the continent and terrain structure.

The current edition went through the facelift process. It means the 2022 YM is not bringing any key changes to the entire lineup. A new turbodiesel setup is also available. What Toyota can do is to speed up the development of a hybrid unit. Fans of the truck, both Tacoma and Hilux, are waiting eagerly for this to happen. Also, fresh special packages for an off-road drive will be added.

2022 Toyota Hilux invincible

Specification, When Will 2022 Toyota Hilux Hybrid be Ready?

Rumors about a hybrid truck are looking more possible to happen than ever. We see other cars getting such configuration every day. But, there are no pickups with this kind of drivetrain. Definitely, Toyota is one of the truckmakers we expect the most and to be first. The competition is though. Ford makes huge announcements, Nissan is well known for its hybrids, and GM is launching the “Our electric future is now” campaign.

But, the Japanese company is got used to the pressure. Even without the new world, the 2022 Toyota Hilux will face a lot of challenges. Still, the hybrid would improve its chances and make it more recognizable. Or cleaner, in first place. The entire automotive industry all around the world is trying to cut emissions and hybrids are one of the best choices. Also, there is an improved gas mileage in the mix. But, the price and reduced towing capacity are the main problems. So, Toyota will have to find the best balance between pros and cons.

The standard engine lineup stays the same. Worth of mention is a new configuration. A 2.8-liter turbodiesel is now bringing extra power and torque. Engineers will tune it to 150 kW and 500 Nm. That is 15 and 11 percent more than the 2022 Toyota Hilux predecessor could do. The powerplant is mated to an automatic transmission, while the stick reduces the torque to 420 Nm. A 2.7-liter petrol engine is an alternative. It produces 122 kW and 245 Nm and sends the outputs through a six-speed automatic transmission.

2022 Toyota Hilux interior

Favorite Features and Options

The facelift of the Hilux will serve as the inspiration to the new Tacoma. The pickup is aging and needs some updates. The exterior styling is more aggressive, which will draw attention. Designers have been working on safety and technology and the 2022 Toyota Hilux will introduce even more advanced features and options. Still, the base offers remain the same. Depending on the country, there will be different trim levels and packages available.

Like said, there are automatic and manual transmissions available. The second one has an intelligent system integrated into the case. You can opt for an all-wheel drive if your truck needs more traction. Single, double, and extra cabs are configurations you will find at dealerships. An 8-inch touchscreen display is the center of the multimedia system. Previously, we were seeing smaller screens. Now, even Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are services offered with the entry-level versions.

2022 Toyota Hilux redesign

2022 Toyota Hilux Special Editions

For now, there are no words on big introductions to the lineup. Well, Toyota loves to brag and be sure you will find out about new arrivals a few months before it happens. Currently, there is a special lineup of off-road capable models in Australia. Rugged, Rugged X and Rogue are packages we would like to see again, and in more markets. Of course, with more features and options. It is not likely the TRD Pro would become a bundle for the 2022 Toyota Hilux. Still, a tough 4×4 ride can always find a lot of buyers.

Release Date

We will monitor updates on the 2022 truck. As it seems from this point of view, the new model won’t be out this year. But, if hybrid or TRD Pro is in development, fans will be patient. After the facelift, the price went up a bit. The upcoming 2022 Hilux won’t increase the cost of the existing versions.

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