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All-New 2022 Toyota 4Runner News and Expectations


Jul 11, 2020
2022 Toyota 4Runner changes

The new generation of the 4Runner SUV is just around the corner. Some sources reported that the sixth series of the mid-size model could be here in 2022. Toyota is starting an update of its big rigs. Reportedly, the first units to roll out from the production lines should be the 2022 Toyota 4Runner and Tundra truck. Later, we will see the next-gen Land Cruiser, Lexus LX600, Highlander SUV, and Tacoma truck. All of these vehicles are more than 10 YO, so it is about the time to launch the fresh generations.

The 2022 Toyota 4Runner will be as capable as before. The new styling is still not unveiled. We hope there won’t be a delay because of the COVID-19 outburst. Designers and engineers have enough time to make everything perfect for this SUV. The 4Runner is one of the meanest vehicles for off-road adventures, alongside Jeep Wrangler. Nevertheless, Ford Bronco will spoil the dominance of these two SUVs, so Toyota had to react.

 The new SUV might replace an existing V6 as the main source of power. Nevertheless, the I-Force Max powerplant is not in production yet, so the 4Runner might have another run with a 4.0-liter displacement. A seven-seater will introduce a totally fresh interior, with more features and options. The top of the lineup TRD Pro package could also be updated for the new generation.

2022 Toyota 4Runner changes

2022 Toyota 4Runner Gets More Efficient Engine

Toyota filed for a new brand. The rumors turned out to be true – the I-Force Max is the replacement for the old and thirsty V8 unit. The twin-turbo V6 is still mysterious, with a lot of unknown things about it. Still, we expect a more efficient unit. The V6 could match outputs of the huge 5.7-l displacement, but it will definitely bring a way better mileage. Anything should be better than 16 mpg combined. On the other hand, there is a question about capabilities, especially off the road. Plus, the current version of 4Runner is already using a big V6, which is not as thirsty as its sibling.

So, the twin-turbo is actually a replacement for V8. The engine 4Runner is currently using is not so problematic, but it needs more miles per gallon. Still, the performance is the key. Toyota already has Highlander which will offer you up to 35 mpg if the fuel economy is the most important thing about the ride. On the other hand, if you need muscles, the engine is going to consume more fuel.

Redesign and New Look

The 2022 Toyota 4Runner is not going to adopt the styling we see on smaller crossovers. The SUV needs aggressive appearance and the design that will show its character. Nevertheless, the exterior is not going to bring radical changes. Fans can expect the same amount of changes every facelift is bringing. So, the new headlights, rims, color palette update, and eventually larger grille.

The more important is what Toyota is going to do with the interior. Safety comes first, but the interior must provide enough comfort and fun, especially when riding on rough paths. The vehicle is mostly used for off-road adventures, so everything matters – seats and upholstery materials quality, infotainment system, cargo space protection. Well, we must praise the recent moves by the Japanese carmaker. Buyers are finally getting the leading services for smartphones – Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2022 Toyota 4Runner trd pro

2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

The TRD Pro package will be updated soon. The 2022 Toyota 4Runner will get the new features. However, the result will be the same – a mean machine which can take you everywhere. Toyota added Sequoia full-size SUV to this lineup and we believe the squad will remain at four (two SUVs and two trucks).

Ever since the model arrived, fans were stunned with its performance. The 4Runner is getting a lift alongside special features. All-terrain tires are wrapping TRD Pro wheels and special Fox shocks will provide stability and balance. Skid panels will protect the underbody, while the TRD Pro exhaust tips are also stylish and boost the performance.

2022 Toyota 4Runner interior

2022 Toyota 4Runner vs Jeep Wrangler vs Ford Bronco

There are no too many off-road SUVs that will deliver the impression like the 2022 Toyota 4Runner. Still, its base version comes with three rows of seats and capacity for seven passengers. Well, the TRD versions won’t need it, so these will be there as five-seaters.

The main competitor over the years is Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. There is a smaller, two-door version of the vehicle. Toyota is not competing in this segment. Big SUVs will take you everywhere. However, next season both carmakers will face the tough rival. Ford Bronco will finally debut with a big delay. No other vehicle caused so much attention like the legendary SUV. So, a lot of buyers are guaranteed right from the start, and some of them would buy either 4Runner or Wrangler if there is no Bronco. Of course, we expect the Raptor against TRD Pro and Wrangler Rubicon.

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