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2022 Tesla Model Y – European Model Release Date Announced


Jan 4, 2021
2022 Tesla Model Y price

Tesla made the first promise – the company delivered the electric truck, Cybertruck. Now, there are two more announcements to fulfill. A more affordable SUV is coming to Europe as the 2022 Tesla Model Y. This vehicle is already available in the US. There won’t be big technical differences between versions that appear on two sides of the Atlantic ocean. The test mules were spotted in the UK and we believe the company plans to add them pretty soon. In the United States, the first updates are also scheduled for this summer, when buyers in this part of the world will be able to purchase models with larger and smaller batteries.

The 2022 Tesla Model Y is a smaller brother to the Model X, the first electric SUV. Well, the US company made a stunning introduction with the aggressive styling, advanced features, and a lot of course, the electric drivetrain. Nevertheless, the price was out of limit for most buyers. So, the task was to deliver a smaller and a more affordable electric SUV. The Model Y is also a three-row vehicle, but we still don’t know if this option is going to be offered in Europe. The next project we can expect from Tesla is the electric roadster.

2022 Tesla Model Y price

2022 Tesla Model Y Specs, Range, Recharge Time

According to multiple sources, the Standard Range models were cancelled for now. However, we don’t think the company will give up on the most affordable version with a price tag under $40,000. Still, with 230 mile-run in a single charge, this is the edition that can cover the least distance. Acceleration is slow and the max speed is lowest in the entire lineup.

Meanwhile, the long-range squad already offers a few models. The best price is for the rear-wheel drive edition that can go 300 miles in a single charge. Max speed is 130 mph and goes up by 5 mph if you want to spend extra $5,000 and add and all-wheel drive. The acceleration is also crispier. There will be two Performance models, with and without special packages. The one without it, will be able to achieve 145 mph, its range is 315 miles, and sprints 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds. The performance upgrade is not making it quicker, but the max speed reaches 155 mph. It will cost you 12 miles of the overall electric range. Both versions will cost just under $60,000.

The 2022 Tesla Model Y is taking less than 1 hour for the full recharge. In 50 minutes exactly, but you will need company’s Supercharger. Standard home outlet is the slowest, but buyers can upgrade it to the NEMA 14-50 socket. In this case, the battery takes 7 hours to restore. In a year, the recharge network will cover more US states. The company will also install more stations in Europe. HERE you can calculate the recharge time at all available systems.

2022 Tesla Model Y europe

2022 Tesla Model Y Spotted in Europe

Of course, the main market is the US. However, in Europe, we can see more and more green projects and electric vehicles and Tesla can’t give up territories just like that. Volkswagen seems to be one of the most serious rivals with the ID concept. However, the 2022 Tesla Model Y is using advanced technology that is hard to match. Many are trying, such as Nissan, Volvo, and BMW. These three carmakers announced a Level 4 autonomous drive. Currently, Tesla uses the most advanced technology, which is at Level 2. We would give the best chances to this company to reach the Level 4 before any other.

Meanwhile, European buyers will meet the 2022 Tesla Model Y. Like said, the manufacturer cancelled the Standard Range edition in the US. However, some sources claim this version is saved for Europe and some other regions. Except a few spy photos, experts don’t have too much about the European Model Y. The electric SUV will definitely get the same shape as its US match. But, it is questionable if the seven-seat edition is coming in 2022. Most experts confirm the three-row SUV availability for the extra charge.

2022 Tesla Model Y range


According to multiple sources, the 2022 Tesla Model Y will cost in Europe between 58,000 and 65,000 euros. It is significantly higher than the cost of the US version. The entry-level stays under $40,000, for example and the high-end performance edition doesn’t cross $60k mark. Additional options are also more expensive. Autopilot will require 7,500 euros ($8,000 in the United States). So, with all the upgrades, you won’t save too much compared to the previous Model X.

Sources: Torque News, Autoevolution

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