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What to Expect From 2022 Tesla Model X?


Sep 17, 2020
2022 Tesla Model X redesign

Model S is announced for the 2022 season. The electric SUV will follow the sedan with the first big update. The EV needs to respond since the competition is growing. On the other hand, Tesla added another crossover SUV to the lineup and now it is time for the revisit of the Model Y.  The release date of the 2022 Tesla Model X is not set yet. But, the redesign is certain. We expect to see more options inside the cockpit and the highlight should be a higher level of autonomous drive. Currently, the US company is a leader in this class, but the competition is growing here as well.

There are no surprises why the 2022 Tesla Model X is going to be an all-new vehicle. The SUV stunned the market a few years ago with the design and especially the electric drivetrain. Now, the entire industry is following their example. Ford is probably the biggest rival, with the Mach E SUV debuted last year. Also, many experts see the Rivian as the main threat to Tesla. But, the US carmaker has a history and reputation, so it will be hard for new models to make a breakthrough.

2022 Tesla Model X redesign

2022 Tesla Model X Redesign

It is always thrilling when Tesla announces changes in its vehicles. On the other hand, impossible is to guess what its designers are up to. The carmaker keeps the development as a secret and reliable inside sources are not available. Just look at the Cybertruck. No one had a clue how the electric truck is going to look like, and everyone knew that Tesla is creating one.

Furthermore, the Model Y cannot serve as the source for speculations, since every vehicle is different. The redesign of the 2022 Tesla Model X will stun the market again with advanced styling and features the SUV is getting. Changes will include updates under the hood and a longer range. More options are coming with the Ludicrous mode.


Remember when Model X entered the market with a huge vertical screen? Back in the days, this was a radical move. Well, that is what Tesla got us used to. More companies are now after a similar solution, but the US carmaker installed a horizontal display on the most recent debuts. Like for the exterior and redesign, it is impossible to predict what interior is going to introduce. The 2022 Tesla Model X will be a seven-seater. Passengers will have extra room since the battery lays under the passage area. That leaves more space under the hood, space we call “frunk” (front trunk). The SUV also offers a cargo room at the back, like every other model.

The carmaker is working on a higher level of autonomous drive. Tesla is still a leader in this class, with Level 2+. Still, the competition is coming. BMW, Volvo, and Nissan made the first moves towards Level 4. The difference between this one and Level 3 are minor, so it has the sense to skip the lower option. On the other hand, a leap from base packages to nearly fully self-driving cars is quite a bite, even for such big companies.

2022 Tesla Model X interior

2022 Tesla Model X Long Range, P100D, Ludicrous Mode

The current edition is still competitive with 240 miles available from the base model. Some smaller crossovers can’t match this output. On the other hand, the Model X will cost a lot more. There are a few other configurations, offering up to 325 miles of range in a single charge. Even if the 2022 Tesla Model X keeps such numbers, it will be a challenge for all other electric SUVs.

The most impressive performance comes from the P100D version, with 305 miles of range in its base form. The Ludicrous mode is making the electric SUV the most powerful vehicle in the class. The Model X makes 760 hp, which tops the 707 ponies coming from the Hellcat engine on the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Competition, Release Date, Price

The 2022 Tesla Model X will have more rivals than before. Well, in 2015, there were only compact crossovers with electric batteries as powertrains. Well, Tesla doesn’t have too many rivals five years later. Ford launched Mach E electric SUV, based on the legendary Mustang. General Motors is electrifying the lineup as well and one of the first models to hit the market will be Cadillac Lyriq. Among many startup concepts, one is drawing more attention than others. Rivian presented the R1S SUV and many big companies decided to invest. Amazon is, for example, one of them.

The new debut from Tesla is expected soon when the carmaker plans to launch the new Model S. After that premiere, we can count down days until the release date of the 2022 Tesla Model X. The price was the main reason for criticizing the company since the base model of the SUV costs $85,000. In the meantime, the manufacturer brought more affordable Model Y. So, the mid-size SUV will remain the premium offer.

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