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2022 Tesla Cybertruck Updates: Price, Recharge Time, Horsepower


Mar 11, 2021
2022 Tesla Cybertruck price

The 2022 Tesla Cybertruck is the first electric pickup in the world. Well, we didn’t expect any other company to be there before Tesla. Ford threatened, but this is a whole new world for the Blue Oval carmaker. On the other hand, a surprising announcement came from General Motors. They started their electric future with an old nameplate – Hummer. This time, this is going to be an electric truck with some stunning options. We believe the info from GM speeded up the production of Cybertruck. Journalists already had a chance to check the new arrival. As always, the impressions are divided. But, it is something Elon Musk is dealing with for years. However, negative comments won’t stop Tesla from delivering further options for the Cybertruck.

For now, we know there will be three versions available. One, two, or three motors will power the 2022 Tesla Cybertruck. The least potent, but the most energy-efficient configuration will be out late next year. The most powerful one will stun the market with its performance and capabilities. There is still a lot of work before the pickup hits production. The company needs to build more recharging stations, while these systems are constantly improving, becoming faster and more convenient. The price of the Cybertruck is pretty reasonable, having in mind that first cars and SUVs were out with hefty MSRPs.

2022 Tesla Cybertruck price

2022 Tesla Cybertruck Specs, Range, Recharging

Single-, Dual, and Tri-Motor versions will be available for the 2022 Tesla Cybertruck. The weakest one is not going to be there for the opening of the sale. Late in 2021, the company will launch the Dual-Motor version with the capability of riding 300 miles in a single charge. Tesla is not unveiling all the specs, so we don’t know the outputs of the electric pickup. On the other hand, we know the first edition will be able to sprint 0-60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. Max speed is limited to 120 mph. Towing capacity is more than excellent, reaching 10k pounds.

You can improve everything with the Tri-Motor configuration. We know this setup is delivering 690 horsepower and 130 mph max speed. It also needs less time to reach 60 mph, only 2.9 seconds. Tesla might bring the Ludicrous mode to the top of the range truck, like it did with Model X. In this case, the outputs will go over 700 hp and the Cybertruck will gain extra speed and punchy acceleration. Towing capacity will be increased to 14,000 lbs.

What Else we Know about the 2022 Tesla Cybertruck?

Recharging time and autonomous drive details were not unveiled during the presentations. Like always, we expect the top of the class numbers from the 2022 Tesla Cybertruck. Well, it is not so hard to do since there are no rivals. But, it won’t last for too long. Currently, the company is a leader in self-driving technology features with Level 2+. Volvo and BMW announced that Level 4 is arriving pretty soon on their vehicles. Tesla is not going to let it go so easily. Threats can make the US company work faster.

If you want to buy the base version of the 2022 Tesla Cybertruck, you will have to wait more than 12 months until the Single-Motor version appears. It might be worth, since the price is going to start at $40,000. The first model to appear is going to cost $10,000 more. The high-output version is Tri-Motor with a $70,000 MSRP. The truck will be built in Texas, although Musk is also considering a new location. There are a lot of interesting offers and it seems Tesla might build a new plant in Missouri.


When Model X stepped into the market, there were no other electric SUVs to compete with Tesla’s vehicle. Now, we are seeing more concepts and production models. The same will happen with the 2022 Tesla Cybertruck. Still, the company cemented its place as the leader in the EV world. The truck might not be exactly what fans and experts wanted to see. But, Tesla is always full of surprises. One of the key questions is – how the truckers are going to accept electric pickups.

It seems other truckmakers are confident and we already have an announcement for the new model arriving in 2022. That will be Hummer EUT. We know it as SUV. Rumors say the legendary nameplate is also going to deliver a version for an old segment. All in all, General Motors presented a few cool features for its new toy. Crab Walk and body height extension are the most stunning. It is just a matter of time when will Ford respond. For a few years we are listening about the F-150 Electric. Another interesting concept that could enter production is Rivian R1T. It drew the attention of many big investors. For example, Amazon reportedly injected $700 million into this project.

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