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2022 RAM 1500 All Rumors in One Place, TRX First Impressions


Jan 15, 2021
2022 RAM 1500 trx

Fans are still impressed with the TRX model that introduced the Hellcat engine. Now, Ford is on the move. The Blue Oval company didn’t wait for too long to start developing the response. The new Raptor will feature a more powerful unit, which could crack even more power. But, that is where the race ends for the FCA. While its biggest rival is catching up, engineers and designers will work on further improvements on the 2022 RAM 1500. The truck is now the second best-selling product in the full-size segment. It seems like a dream at this point, but the FCA wants to get closer to the legendary F-150.

One of the options for upgrade is the hybrid truck. Ram 1500 already offers a mild-hybrid setup, but it is not exactly what we expect from it. Such a system would improve gas mileage, but it harms towing capacity. So, engineers don’t have an easy task to make everything work perfectly. Of course, there is always an option the FCA is using frequently – a limited edition. In the previous few years, we saw plenty of models with thematic updates. Still, the spotlight remains on the same truck – the 2022 RAM 1500 TRX.

2022 RAM 1500 trx

Expectations and Impressions – 2022 RAM 1500 TRX Rebel Hellcat

Can you remember when was the first time you’ve heard about the 700+ hp powered truck? Even the company was giving us some indications, such as the Rebel TRX concept in 2016. Then, when the truck was entering the new generation, we saw a display clock set at 7:07. This was an easter egg, since the Hellcat engine creates 707 ponies in the Charger. Now, the Hellcat engine is a part of the lineup and it is ready to storm the market.

For the 2022 RAM 1500 TRX, a 6.2-liter V8 supercharged powerplant is going to produce 702 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. So, there is a slight modification from what we expected to see. Also, Dodge Durango became another SUV with the Hellcat engine. Here, a V8 is tuned for 710 horsepower. The only configuration with a higher output is the one for the Challenger muscle car (717 ponies).

The off-road truck comes with significant upgrades on the body. Unique wheels, bumpers, skid plates, bedliner, and other features, are making it so special. On the other hand, the 2022 RAM 1500 TRX is going to be pretty expensive. But, you know no other company can offer a similar package.

2022 Ram 1500 interior

2022 RAM 1500 vs Ford F-150

For a long time, fans were divided into two sides – those who supported Ford F-150 and those who thought Chevy Silverado is a better truck. The most recent sales result indicates the Ram 1500 squeezed between two legendary models with the second best-selling results in the previous two seasons. This is not happening by accident.

FCA made some big moves in past few years. You just need to remember the premieres of diesel engines for pickup trucks. It all happened at the same auto show, in Detroit 2018. Everyone was talking about Silverado and F-150, but Ram 1500 Diesel was the model that stole the show. Many haven’t seen this coming, although the truck’s ad was on air in the most followed event in the year – SuperBowl.

Now, with the TRX version, the 2022 RAM 1500 cements its place as the biggest threat to the supremacy of the Ford F-150. The Blue Oval company was on the verge of selling one million copies of its truck per annum before the pandemic started and slowed down everything. Nevertheless, now it’s been threatened by the new force in the market. We see no signs of recovery of the Chevy Silverado. The market is split between Ram and Ford.

2022 RAM 1500 colors

What Will Be New for 2022 YM?

The company is not unveiling plans for the upcoming season. The arrival of the TRX package stole the show and keeps all the spotlights on the current truck. Ford is preparing the next-gen F-150 with significant upgrades, and it seems Toyota is ready to launch the brand-new Tundra. Meanwhile, the 2022 RAM 1500 is coming with small updates. We will see fresh colors for sure. The palette is already pretty big, with nine standard options: Bright White, Hydro Blue, Patriot Blue, Delmonico Red, Flame Red, and Diamond Black Crystal, plus three metallic variations: Billet Silver, Granite Crystal, and Maximum Steel. Some brighter shade should be available on special/limited editions.

There won’t be new trim level packages and cab configurations. You can combine single and double cab with short and long bed setups. All-wheel drive is another option. There is a wide choice of engines, starting with a V6. For more power, you can choose a V8. Two options are there – a 5.7 and a 6.4 displacements. Finally, the 2022 RAM 1500 Diesel will deliver maximum torque and a towing capacity of 12,500 pounds.

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  1. Toyota should stop Tundra’s production as well as it’s doing with the Land Cruiser since its low sales.

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