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2022 Ford Ranger Raptor: Big Changes


Jul 31, 2020
2022 Ford Ranger Raptor

The COVID-19 pandemic postponed the premiere of the performance mid-size pickup truck. The 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor will debut in the US a little bit later than scheduled. Still, it will be worthy of waiting. The package is already available outside North America with a turbodiesel engine. Well, this unit might become a part of the lineup, but the Raptor edition will charge power from a more potent engine.

Ever since the Ranger came back to its homeland, fans are guessing what is the next step for the truck. With the Raptor version available in Australia and Europe, it was very strange not to see it in the US. Also, the only source of power is a turbo-four. Well, it can launch 300 ponies. Still, an alternative and a choice would be a bonus, although the truckers wouldn’t benefit in performance. The 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor is going to take on the Chevy Colorado ZR2 and Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, as the best off-roaders in the segment. Nissan offers Frontier with the Pro-4X package, while Colorado’s sibling, GMC Canyon, is now available with the new AT4 upgrades.

2022 Ford Ranger Raptor release date

2022 Ford Ranger Raptor Upgrades

We still don’t have official info, but we can assume what will the 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor adds to the standard version. One of the clues lay in the non-US model, while we can also check the F-150 Raptor and predict what can be done on its smaller sibling.

The Euro-Spec model carries a turbodiesel engine. It is paired with a new 10-speed transmission and all-wheel drive. Besides the powerplant, we expect such a configuration. The pickup is lifted and sits 11 inches above the ground. This is good enough even for the toughest terrains. Plus, the European version also comes with premium Fox shocks and electronic rear axles. These parts will enhance the performance and overall impression, but the price goes up as well.

All-terrain tires will be standard. Plus, we can see new things on the body, including graphics, guards, and 0.9-inch thick skid plates. The truck needs a better approach and departure angles. That is why the 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor needs special bumpers. Text replaces badge on the front grille. We already saw it on the F-150 Raptor. This model is going to be wider and longer than the standard version.

2022 Ford Ranger Raptor price

2022 Ford Ranger Raptor Specs

One of the biggest questions is – what will power the 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor. The base truck comes with a pretty capable turbo-four engine. Since it offers 300 hp and F-150 Raptor is delivering 450 ponies, we believe the smaller muscle truck could end up somewhere between 350 and 400 horsepower. On the other hand, it will probably need a V6 unit for such an achievement. But, engineers are keener on turbocharged units. The new Ranger Raptor could be an exception here.

Since its comeback, fans are asking about the V6 upgrade. Ford wasn’t confirming or denying it. It was obvious that the truck needs another option under the bonnet. Another possibility is a turbodiesel, also available for the overseas version. In that case, a 2.0-liter displacement can provide 210 hp and 370 lb-ft of torque. It will be 20 ponies more than the Colorado ZR2 Diesel can offer. A diesel unit can return 23 mpg combined and its towing ability is 5,500 pounds. Chevrolet beat that by 2,200 pounds with the Duramax 2.8-liter engine. So, engineers in the Blue Oval company will have a tough task to squeeze the maximum from a turbodiesel configuration and make the 2022 Ranger Raptor competitive against the major rival.

When Will 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor be Available?

Ford planned to launch the new edition of a truck in 2021. Nevertheless, the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus is postponing the premiere. Engineers and designers will have some extra time for the development of this performance-oriented truck. Definitely, fans can expect big things, but they will have to be patient.

2022 Ford Ranger Raptor


The Raptor badge is reserved for the toughest machines in the lineup. Currently, only F-150 is wearing it, but we can see the same package available for the Super Duty segment, or even Expedition SUV. The upgrades make a pickup capable of riding in the toughest conditions. Toyota Tacoma with TRD pro package is one of the leaders in this segment. Also, Chevrolet keeps up with the ZR2 upgrades in combination with diesel engines for its Colorado. Nissan Frontier is also very tough thanks to the Pro-4X model. What’s more, the truck is heading into a new generation, which might bring a hybrid unit as well.

The mid-size truck market is reviving. Now, with more models there (Raptor and Jeep Gladiator recently joined the party), we will see the expansion of lineups with such off-road versions. In the future, companies will start producing hybrid and eventually electric trucks.

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