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2022 Ford Edge Redesign Refreshes Interior, Colors


Feb 11, 2021
2022 Ford Edge st

It might be under the radar, but the Edge is the third most popular crossover SUV by Ford. Only two models that achieve better sales than the mid-size vehicle are Explorer and Escape. The 2022 Ford Edge will be positioned right between these two. You can guess – it offers advantages of both classes and neutralizes downsides. For example, if you are looking for more space and power, and Escape is not good enough, the two-row SUV is a cheaper choice than the larger Explorer. It will also save some fuel. On the other hand, if interior comfort matters, but you don’t need seven seats, again, Edge is there. It will also keep a V6 motor.

The redesign of the 2022 Ford Edge might be moved for the following season. The SUV debuted in 2015 and had a facelift in 2019. Ever since, there were no big changes on the schedule. But, it is time to think of a new generation, or at least a big update. Fans would like to see a fresh interior and colors. These are the most urgent changes that have to be done. Plus, the Edge is using an outdated transmission. A new gearbox is also the must-have option. On the other hand, this season, the company reshuffled options for trim levels, and all models are packed with some advanced systems. The highlight is definitely the Sync 4A, replacing Sync 3. Also, there is a lighter version of the Edge ST, the ST-Line.

2022 Ford Edge st

Specs, Hybrid

Under the bonnet of the 2022 Ford Edge lays a four-cylinder engine. It might seem not potent, but we already got used to the company’s turbocharging systems. In this case, this setup will squeeze 250 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. That is not bad at all for the two-row mid-size SUV. The fuel economy is at the level of some compact crossovers. The Edge with front-wheel drive will be able to return 30 mpg on the highway. Cruising in urban areas is not so efficient, no matter if you use front- or all-wheel drive. The engine is available for all standard trim levels. An eight-speed automatic gearbox is out of date and the company should do something about it during the next redesign.

One of the priorities for Ford is creating a hybrid unit. The release date is not set yet. However, in foreseeable future, all models will be available with a sort of electric support. Explorer and Escape are already out as very efficient hybrids. The compact crossover returns 44 mpg. There is no rival to match or beat the record. Explorer is using the mild-hybrid configuration, while the company maximized the potential on the Lincoln Aviator PHEV with 495 hp.

2022 Ford Edge interior

2022 Ford Edge ST and ST-Line

There is another engine available already for the mid-size SUV. The 2022 Ford Edge ST is the performance setup with a V6 as the main source of power. Turbochargers are there again to boost the 2.7-liter displacement. Here, engineers are attaching the twin-turbo system to the engine. The combo will produce 335 hp and 380 pound-feet, which is already a serious output. Well, that is what we expect from the ST model. The configuration comes with an AWD and a combined gas mileage of 21 mpg.

Of course, there are also cosmetic upgrades for the top of the lineup model. Definitely, the performance upgrades are the highlight, but Ford also adds some premium features for the special edition. For example, a heated steering wheel is standard. This is an optional accessory even for the luxurious Titanium trim. However, don’t mix up the ST with the ST-Line package. The latest one was added this season and it is a lighter version of the performance SUV. Besides the engine, other parts are there. Unique grille with ST badges, body-color bumpers, large wheels, and black roof rails will make both of them recognizable.

2022 Ford Edge redesign

2022 Ford Edge Interior Redesign, Exterior Facelift and Colors

A lot of things are about to be changed on the upcoming Edge. The interior should be the priority. The facelift from 2019 didn’t do much there, so the next update will focus the attention to the cabin. It really looks old. Modern dashboard, gauges and infotainment system will lure younger buyers. The first step is already made – the Sync 3 is upgraded to Sync 4A. More changes are yet to come. We can’t wait to see what will bring the top Titanium trim.

The exterior is still attractive. Changes will be based on the latest redesigns of Escape and Explorer. Still, the 2022 Ford Edge is a unique model. The company doesn’t want to make the same mistake as Honda. The Japanese carmaker is producing two nearly identical SUVs, Pilot and Passport, with different nameplates and the main difference is the seating capacity. More than ten colors are already available for the mid-size SUV, making the configuration very interesting. The 2022 YM will shake things up in the paintjob palette to refresh the offer.

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