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2021 Ram Rebel TR Mopar Tuning (But We Still Want the TRX Rebel)


Apr 20, 2020
2021 Ram Rebel TR Spy Shot

While we are eagerly waiting to see the new hi-performance, Hellcat-powered Rebel TRX, it looks like the company is preparing another interesting novelty, which would be a little bit milder variant, packed with a little bit less power. The new version is expected to arrive at the same time, equipped with FCA’s new engine, which will be used for a variety of future models. The new version will be called 2021 Ram Rebel TR and besides the new engine, it will also come with various other upgrades that are typical for the Mopar tuning department.

This won’t be the only big novelty for the next year, as the 2021 Ram Rebel TRX is under development as well. This will be an even more extreme version of the truck. It will come with the mightful Hellcat engine that puts more than 700 horsepower. More details will be known soon. Still, we expect that both versions will hit the market by the end of the year.

2021 Ram Rebel TR

2021 Ram Rebel TR Engine

There is no doubt that the most interesting thing about the 2021 Ram Rebel TR will be a brand-new engine. It is in the final stage of development, according to the latest reports. The new engine will be named Banshee, after the old McDonnel F2H Banshee jet fighter aircraft. At this point, we know that the new engine will feature 7.0 liters in displacement. It will be a classic HEMI, naturally-aspirated unit and some sources suggest a max output of 525 horsepower.

Such an amount of power would be more than enough to compete with F-150 Raptor. However, FCA is on the way to introduce something even more extreme. The model with added “X” will come with the well-known 6.2-liter Supercharged Hellcat engine, with a max output of 707 horsepower, which would be something we’ve never seen in a pickup truck before.

2021 Ram Rebel TR Design

Of course, the engine won’t be the only upgrade we are about to see in the new version. The 2021 Ram Rebel TR will come with all other kinds of novelties, both in terms of mechanics and aesthetics.

When it comes to mechanics, we count on upgrades that are typical for an off-road pickup truck. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the suspension. We are about to see a lot of new, off-road components, which will bring many benefits, including a higher ground clearance for a couple of inches. At this point, it is still unclear whether the current air suspension approach is about to remain the same, or we are about to see some electric components. In any case, the suspension will be adjustable.

2021 Ram Rebel TR Spy Shot


When it comes to the styling upgrades, we presume that a lot of inspiration will be taken from the  2016 concept. Despite that the concept version was based on the previous generation, there are some pretty obvious styling approaches that can be implemented in the new model as well. Of course, we are talking about the blacked grille and other areas, exclusive off-road wheels, tow hooks, skid plates, graphics and more. Naturally, the new model will be based on the current generation, and we presume that the crew cab version will be the only layout in the offer. Additionally, we presume that all kinds of accessories will be in the offer, which would emphasize the model’s off-road appearance.

Speaking of visual enhancements, the 2021 Ram Rebel TRX will probably go even more extreme in this aspect. How exactly, it is still hard to say. Still, we presume that every area will come with some new details that will clearly indicate a monstrous Hellcat engine is hidden under the hood.

2016 Ram TRX Concept

2021 Ram Rebel TR Interior

The same thing goes with the interior design, as various upgrades are expected as well. As we already mentioned, the 2021 Ram Rebel TR will probably be available in a crew cab layout only. This means you may count on two rows of seats, which will come with some exclusive upholstery. Of course, we have no doubt it will be leather upholstery, though we expect to see some stitching, as well as all kinds of badges around the cabin. The same stitching is expected in certain areas of the dashboard as well. Besides unique aesthetical solutions, we presume that this cabin will also come with a pretty exclusive list of standard features. More precise details are still to come.

Release Date and Price

Both 2021 Ram Rebel TR and TRX are about to hit the market by the end of this year. When it comes to the price, it’s still early to make some predictions, but we estimate base versions would probably go around 55-60.000 dollars, roughly. On the other side, the TRX model should go around 70.000 dollars. As you may presume, F-150 Raptor will be the key competitor.

Sources: Mopar Insiders, autoevolution

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