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2021 Lagonda Electric SUV Is Coming Next Year!


Feb 15, 2020
2021 Lagonda Electric SUV

The famous brand is coming back after more than three decades and the first model to come under its badge will be the 2021 Lagonda Electric SUV. Older generations remember the legendary Lagonda sedan, but things in the automotive industry are much different these days. Therefore, the new models under this brand will be significantly different.

These days, it’s not just about luxury, but also about all kinds of new technologies, and this particularly refers to all-electric vehicles, which are breaking through in the super-luxury segment as well. Therefore, we are eagerly waiting to this 2021 Lagonda Electric SUV, which may arrive already in the next year.

2021 Lagonda Electric SUV

2021 Lagonda Electric SUV Design

When it comes to some more specific things, it is still early to talk about. Although the arrival of the new 2021 Lagonda Electric SUV is now official, we didn’t get too many details. Practically, the last-year concept is the only reference we have at the moment. Still, we know for sure that the first model from the re-established Lagonda brand will be a crossover, or an SUV if you like it more. At this point we know it will feature all-electric powertrain and that the focus will be on all kinds of new technologies. Also, the company promises this will be a pretty capable 4×4 machine.


When it comes to the styling, we can only talk about what we’ve seen at the last-year Geneva Motor Show. We saw a pretty interesting concept, which utilizes some pretty attractive aesthetical solutions. Of course, the most notable thing is that the super-sleek profile. It makes this crossover looks very attractive and also promises excellent aerodynamics. The whole vehicle is full of futuristic details, but all come in such an elegant manner.

2021 Lagonda Electric SUV rear

Of course, the front end is highlighted with loads of LED surfaces. Still, you can also notice that there aren’t many things that are in common with Aston Martin’s current design language. The rear end is a story for itself, while rear-hinged back doors are other fancy details on it. Of course, it is still hard to say how much of these design solutions will end up in the production model.


The same thing goes for the interior design, where we can see some pretty interesting design solutions. I will skip all those stylish design solutions and loads of futuristic details, as it’s a little bit unclear how much of them will find the place in the production model. On the other side, there are some things that seem certain, and that particularly refers to benefits that electric cars usually bring.

One of them is the fact that the front row has been moved forward and that there is an impressive amount of legroom in both rows. Of course, this model would arrive in 2+2 seating configurations and one of the interesting design solutions is that front seats can turn in the direction of rear seats, so you may look at this cabin as a kind of a living room as well.

2021 Lagonda Electric SUV Interior

2021 Lagonda Electric SUV Performances

This aspect ot the 2021 Lagonda Electric SUV is still a complete mystery. We haven’t heard a word from the officials on this matter so far and the only thing we know is that the new model will feature all-electric powertrain and 4×4 drive. Other than that, everything is a mystery. Still, we can say that we expect nothing but spectacular performances, both in terms of acceleration and ranger.

For comparison, Tesla Model X needs less than three seconds to hit 60, while spectacular performances are expected from Mercedes EQC as well. Naturally, the 2021 Lagonda Electric SUV will have to keep the pace with such models, if the company wants to be competitive.

2021 Lagonda Electric SUV Release Date

According to the latest reports, the production could start already in the next year. We are still waiting for more details about the 2021 Lagonda Electric SUV.

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