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2021 Audi Q7 Full Review: SQ7 vs BMW X5M


Jul 8, 2020
2021 Audi SQ7

Q7 was refreshed for this season, but the German carmaker is bringing even more updates for the upcoming vehicle. Reshuffling the options and features is the main change fans will see on the 2021 Audi Q7. We also expect updates on the hybrid engine. The company is now into electrification, and the E-Tron system is going to join most vehicles in the lineup.

The most powerful version goes up to 500 ponies. Audi is not going to squeeze the maximum power from the V8 engine as Porsche and Lamborghini did it for their luxury SUVs. The base version will still get power from a much smaller turbo-four unit, while a V6 is way more powerful.

The company announced the pricing for the 2021 Audi Q7. The MSRP starts at $56,000. The SQ7 is the most expensive model in the lineup. Hybrid could be based on a V6, which means it won’t start under $65,000.

2021 Audi SQ7

2021 Audi Q7 Changes

So, the SUV is not taking any cosmetic updates, outside or inside. The styling is still fresh, being old just for a few months. So, designers are occupied with improving the existing offers. The base versions are loaded with more safety features, while the Premium model adds a new Convenience package. Premium Plus is now eligible to add the Executive set. Prestige trim comes with the most advanced features and options, including two heated rows, with ventilated front buckets. The SQ7 is the new model in the lineup and it can be enhanced with premium leather.

All Powertrains and Specs

Under the bonnet of the 2021 Audi Q7, you will find three different engines. The offer starts with a turbocharged four-cylinder unit. A 2.0-liter powerplant is good for 250 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. It is not the most suitable output for the mid-size SUV. Still, a small mill provides an excellent fuel economy even mated to the Quattro AWD system. An eight-speed automatic transmission sends power to wheels. A four-pot drivetrain can tow 4,400 pounds.

A V6 is adding 80 ponies and 50 lb-ft of twist. Again, an eight-speed gearbox and Quattro system are the configuration you will find with this engine as well. The maximum towing capacity jumps to 7,700 pounds.

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2021 Audi SQ7 Delivers 500 Horsepower

Hauling capability is not a key for the 2021 Audi SQ7. Fans of this lineup will care only about power and speed. Engineers didn’t push it too much. The performance-oriented version is crunching out 500 horsepower and a 4.0-liter V8 drivetrain also creates 568 lb-ft of torque. Lamborghini tunes the same engine to burst 641 hp. The SQ7 will compete with the BMW X5M. We still don’t have precise 0-60 mph results.

2021 Audi Q7 changes

What is Standard and What’s Optional for the Q7?

The look of the cabin is the same as for the current edition. Audi focuses on the technology this time and easy-to-use controls. The minimalistic look is always cool and goes with a large infotainment screen. Well, a 10-inch display becomes small in modern times. That’s why Audi adds another display for climate and a few other settings. The highlight of the new Q7 is also the quality of materials used for the upholstery. Plus, cool details will make it more attractive.

The 2021 Audi Q7 comes with quite a long list of standard safety features. The most impressive addition is the side-assist package. The base offer also includes tri-zone climate control. Of course, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are there as well. Leather is standard. Seats also offer heating right from the start. Memory settings will remember the best position for the driver. Audi is using ten-speed audio on the Premium trim and the interior is also getting a boost by the panoramic sunroof.

You can enhance the entry-level package by adding optional sets of features. Premium Plus comes with significant upgrades, such as a 360-degree camera, or a blind-spot monitor. The highlight is definitely Virtual Cockpit with an advanced information center that uses a 12.3-inch display. This is one of the most advanced technologies you will find in the market. But, that is not all about the Premium Plus trim, since it also carries Bose audio and a few additional safety options. The adaptive suspension comes with a V6 engine.

Top accessories are left for the optional purchase, such as 23-speaker B&O sound system, or massage function for front buckets. Outside, you can select larger wheels. The SQ model comes with specific upgrades, outside and inside. Some experts don’t consider it as a part of the lineup

2021 Audi Q7 interior

Why Buy 2021 Audi Q7?

Well, you already got the impression of how luxurious the Q7 is. The SQ adds another option for buyers looking for extra power. Also, Audi is now rivaling its biggest competitors – BMW and Mercedes. We must point out the poor gas mileage. However, you cannot expect the 2021 Audi Q7 to be perfect. Opinions are also divided into the platform. Unibody architecture offers a sportier ride and better safety. On the other hand, US buyers just love body-on-frame SUVs and their durability.

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