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2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport Price and Specs

2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport

The German carmaker is making final preparations to introduce the newest addition to its SUV lineup next year, as 2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport. Earlier this year, VW did one pretty interesting thing. At the same when the U.S. market was welcoming the company’s new 7-seat SUV, the company also present a concept that has a similar overall layout but still comes with lots of different design characteristics. It was a model called the VW Atlas Cross Sport Concept. It came as a sportier version of the new crossover. At that time, it already looked production ready, which was a clear indicator that the production version is near.

Many also expected to see the new 2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport as some kind of a production version of the 2020 VW Atlas CrossBlue concept. To remind you, this concept came a little bit earlier, as a six-seater and with a diesel-based hybrid system. So, we can conclude that the upcoming production model will take the best from these two concepts.

2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport front2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport Design

In terms of base design characteristics, the new 2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport will have a lot of things in common with the base Atlas. The two models will ride on the same platform and feature pretty much same mechanics. However, the styling approach will be significantly different. If you were expecting the same boxy Atlas, just shorter, you’ll be disappointed.

This one comes with a far more upscale approach and we can only hope that the production model won’t lose too many of these parts. Starting from the front end, you will notice that the front face looks kinda familiar but somehow more upscale. That’s because you can see a significant upgrade of parts like the grille, headlights, as well as a new shape of the front bumper, wider fenders etc.

Rear End Is Even More Distinctive

While the front part of the vehicle still looks familiar, the rear end is a clear departure from the 7-seater. You can notice more angular taillights, smaller tailgate, sportier rear bumper and much more. Interestingly, the concept version keeps the same platform, despite being shorter for full 7.5 inches. This guarantees much shorter overhangs, which could in the future bring some highly-capable off-road version as well.

Upscale Interior

Another aspect where you can notice a clear difference compared to the base 7-seater Atlas is the cabin. The first thing you’ll see is a more upscale dashboard design. It may look familiar, and the overall layout is definitely pretty close. However, the company gave a completely new, much finer treatment with upgraded tech features, finer materials and few styling tweaks like new air-vents, which definitely bring that upscale flavor.

Some of the highlights are a large 10.1-inch touchscreen, as well as an even bigger, completely digital 12.3-inch digital cluster. Another interesting thing about the 2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport interior is the fact that the wheelbase remains the same as in the standard 7-seat model. This clearly indicates that the new crossover will have to offer plenty of interior legroom. VW makes it clear that we are about to see a pretty luxurious SUV.

2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport interior2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport Engine

Here is another aspect where the 2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport will be different than the base Atlas. As we saw in the concept version several months ago, there is a new hybrid system that will combine a familiar V6 gasoline engine with a couple of electric motors. One of these motors features a max output of 54 hp and 162 lb-ft, while the other one is good for about 114 horses and 199 pound-feet of torque. A total output goes all away up to 355 horsepower. This is a pretty respectable amount that guarantees pretty strong performances. According to the officials, the concept version needs around 5.5 seconds to reach 60, while a top speed goes around 130 mpg.

Less power for the production model

However, latest reports suggest that the production model will feature a little bit different setup. It looks like we are about to see a little bit different, detuned hybrid system under the hood. Expect a max output of around 310 horsepower. Also, it would be important to mention that this is a plug-in hybrid powertrain, so count on all-electric mode as well, probably with a range of around 25 miles.

2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport rear2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport Release Date and Price

At the moment, we official know that the new crossover will come to the U.S. market sometime in the next year. When it comes to some more precise date of 2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport availability, we will have to wait for more time. Also, it is already known that the new model will be assembled in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The 2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport price is yet to be announced. At the moment, we can only say that you should expect a higher starting price compared to the 7-seat Atlas.



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