2020 Honda Pilot Hybrid Engine, Changes

The Japanese company will introduce 2020 Honda Pilot Hybrid shortly after the release of the redesigned base model. The hybrid version will have many things in common with the regular, gasoline vehicle. Most of the exterior will be the same. Also, both models will use the same platform. However, the major difference coming underneath the hood.

The upcoming model will boost the mileage, and bring a decent amount of power, using a similar engine setup as the Accord sedan. The main rival surely will be Toyota Highlander Hybrid, the undisputed leader in the crossover hybrid class. Besides the Highlander, the Pilot Hybrid is the only confirmed plug-in crossover for 2020.

2020 Honda Pilot Hybrid Changes

2020 Honda Pilot Hybrid Exterior and Interior Changes

The upcoming 2020 Honda Pilot Hybrid brings a very attractive and distinguished look. The new model will change a couple of visual elements, but the existing platform will remain the same. The dimensions of the vehicle will also stay the same, so you can count on enough room for eight passengers. This model will present numerous upgrades and improvements, to try to keep up with the competition on the growing market. To begin with, the infotainment system is getting an update. From now on, you can be sure that the innovative features, such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are included. Moreover, the captain’s chair will be available for upper trim levels.

Inside the vehicle will be three rows of seats, and the cabin will provide the same generous amount of space. However, the third-row bench is not quite suitable for adult passengers. Still, for the kids it’s perfect, and with new safety features, the young ones will be totally safe back there. Also, the touchscreen displays will be installed in the second-row seats, so the crew in the back can entertain themselves. Form the outside, the Pilot Hybrid will try to improve aerodynamics, with slightly sharper lines. But the overall shape won’t change drastically.


Safety Features

In the automotive world, Honda is a synonym for safety vehicles. The famous Japanese carmaker always provides top quality safety suites and one of the main focus points is the safety department. The 2020 Honda Pilot Hybrid will serve as a piece of evidence to this. The upcoming vehicle will come with the five-star safety rating. Moreover, the Pilot Hybrid will include a good amount of od safety aids and driver assistance features as part of a standard package.

The current regular version of the Pilot is one of the safest models in the crossover SUV class. However, the Hybrid version is looking to improve that rating, by introducing a couple of new features. That includes emergency braking, tire pressure monitoring, and adaptive cruise control. Also, the Honda Sensing safety system will be available as standard for all Pilot Hybrid versions.

Hybrid Engine

Under the hood of the basic Honda Pilot model is a 3.5-liter V-6 engine. This engine surely is the best part of this crossover. So, will it be part of the 2020 Honda Pilot Hybrid as well? Unfortunately, probably not. It’s more likely that the company will come with a different setup. Probably it will be a very similar configuration to the one in the Accord sedan. The sedan works with a 3.0-liter petrol powertrain as a base for a hybrid platform. Also, it’s a smaller engine than the V-6, that can produce 280 hp, and powers the base Honda Pilot. The hybrid version will be able to produce 212 hp and 232 lb-ft of torque.

Moreover, with the electric source of energy, the gas mileage will increase as well. For instance, Honda Accord uses a 2.0-liter turbo-four gasoline unit as a backup to a 1.5-liter base engine. With an automatic gearbox, these engines can’t return more than 35 miles per gallon. However, with the hybrid setup, Accord achieves 15 mpg. The magnetic motor is capable for 50 mpg in the city, and 40 mpg in the highway. Similar figures we can expect for 2020 Honda Pilot Hybrid. Of course, we can’t match it with a petrol unit, since the crossover using a V-6 engine. But, keep in mind the size of the SUV. We doubt that the plug-in system will be able to return 50 mpg. Still, the experts estimate 45 mpg. Surely, that will be a major boost from 20/27 mpg of the base Pilot.


2020 Honda Pilot Hybrid Release Date and Price

The forthcoming 2020 Honda Pilot Hybrid will be the company’s leading model for the next season. So, all focus will be turned to it. However, let’s not forget the redesign of the base model, which will also be one of the main stars of the upcoming season. Therefore, we expect to see a redesigned base model and the hybrid approximately with the same release date. To stay competitive, the 2020 Honda Pilot Hybrid must have a price between $35,000 and $40,000. The Hybrid Pilot’s major rival, Toyota Highlander Hybrid delivers its plug-in version with a starting price of $37,000.

The Highlander Hybrid with additional equipment can pass the $50,000 mark. We expect a similar price jump for Pilot Hybrid as well. The upcoming model will have the same trim levels as the regular version. The entry-level trim is LX. Also, the customers can opt for EX or EX-L models. Furthermore, Touring and Elite are the top-line and most expensive versions. The Elite model is really something special. It comes with all of the standard equipment and adds luxurious features, especially in the cabin.

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