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2020 Honda Crosstour Hybrid, Release Date


Apparently, the comebacks of once beloved models are the thing in the automotive industry at the moment. The return of Honda Passport is one of those returns which will definitely start the new trend. Yet, another Honda’s SUV could make a comeback. We talking about Honda Crosstour, of course. Four years pass since its discontinuation, but we still don’t have firm evidence to confirm these rumors. Still, there is an empty space in the company’s lineup – the one intended for a full-size SUV. Is the 2020 Honda Crosstour pretender for that spot?

The previous Crosstour was a mid-size model, the last time he was around. However, still larger than the current Pilot ( 194 inches long) and Passport (190 inches). The Crosstour was 195 inches long, with a wheelbase length of 111 inches. We expect that the upcoming model will grow to 200 inches, and become a new, full-size SUV. Furthermore, the company is planning to add a few more hybrid vehicles to the rooster. So, if 2020 Honda Crosstour will be the biggest model in the squad, the Passport and Pilot will probably get hybrid engines before it. To sum up, there’s a strong chance of a Crosstour return. We just have to wait for an official statement that will confirm these speculations.



One of the main questions regarding Honda’s new lineup is: will there be new Honda Crosstour?. Surely, we can find a lot of news and rumors regarding the new model, but we still didn’t get the official announcement. So, with no official information from the company, we can’t claim that 2020 Honda Crosstour will definitely go into production. Therefore, you should take the following details for granted. In recent years, the famous Japanese carmaker avoids big vehicles’ market. It’s quite unusual for such a brand not to offers a full-size SUV or even a full-size truck. Honda Ridgeline is a sporty pickup, but it rides more like an SUV. Pilot and Passport are mid-size models, and the US drivers will surely remember small-sized Honda Element.

If you look at the competition, all other companies try to improve their sale figures by introducing new vehicles in new segments. So, we expect that Honda will go in the same way with the new Crosstour. Furthermore, the engine option is another question. The previous Crosstour was powered by a V6 unit, but now the SUV model will need more power. That is still a very decent engine, but to compete with the rivals like Nissan Armada, Ford Expedition or Toyota Sequoia, the company will have to develop a new powertrain for the upcoming model.

2020 Honda Crosstour Redesign

If the new 2020 Honda Crosstour arrives in the following year, we should expect that it will share many things in common with the Accord model. The famous sedan will be, once again the main influence to the upcoming SUV. However, the Crosstour will be built on the newest, tenth generation of the mid-size sedan. It will carry plenty of modern design solutions, and more visually appealing design and shape language. So, we expect improved layout and the redesigned front end as well. The front end will play the main role in distinguishing this model from the current Accord.

The rear end could also get a new design. As you probably know, the original model rocks that famous rounded rear end, that wasn’t exactly the eye-catcher element, nor it was practical. For that reason, we expect some major changes for the rear end of 2020 Crosstour. The classic wagon body style may be a good solution, therefore, a more angular approach is expected. In this case, the hatch door will probably be almost vertical. This design should bring benefit in terms of cargo capacity and overall functionality as well. Also, you should expect higher ground clearance. On top of that, the 2020 Crosstour will add completely new suspension and chassis setup.



As we said earlier, the visual similarity with the Accord is present in the cabin as well. The 2020 Honda Crosstour interior will probably come with the same layout as on ongoing Accord. Surely, it will contain the same dashboard design, with very attractive and driver-adjustable features. The Accord cabin elements are one of the best-designed features in the class, and new Crosstour will follow the same path. You can definitely count on high-quality materials, and a huge amount of standard equipment as well.

This includes the latest infotainment system and advanced safety features, intuitive user interface and upgraded technology. According to the promo photos and reports, the cabin will have a 7-inch touchscreen, dual-zone climate control, smartphone integration, Siri Eyes Free and much more available for the entry-level model. Moreover, the redesigned rear end will offer more cargo space, so the passengers can put away the large baggage and enjoy the ride.

2020 Honda Crosstour Interior

Engine and Hybrid version

Under the hood of 2020 Honda Crosstour most likely will be the same engine options as in the popular sedan. So, you will have to choose between two powertrain options. First one is a 2.0-liter turbo inline-four, available for the base model. This unit can produce 252 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. You can count on the hybrid version as well. Honda Accord works with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine paired with electric batteries. Since most of the features will be borrowed from the Accord, we may see this setup installed on the Crosstour.

However, the four-pot engine may not be enough to satisfy buyers looking for big outputs. Accord Hybrid produces 212 hp and 230 lb-ft of torque. With this setup, the fuel economy is the main advantage, but the power is equally important. As a result, the Accord Hybrid can reach almost 50 miles per gallon in a combined drive. Still, we expect slightly different figures for Honda Crosstour.

2020 Honda Crosstour Release Date and Price

For the moment, the launching of the Honda Crosstour is just a speculation. But, the fans really hope to see the comeback in the near future. We already had a similar situation with the Passport SUV. Last time we saw this model back in 2002, and then after 17 years there he is, ready for car shows around the globe.

The company desperately need a full-size SUV, so we can hope that the 2020 Honda Crosstour will soon hit the streets. As for the price, taking into account that the Pilot and Passport starts around $33,000, the Crosstour will have the MSRP above $40,000.

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