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2019 Fiat Freemont Could Come Back Next Year

2019 Fiat Freemont front view

The Freemont has been discontinued for a couple of years but we can still hear various kinds of stories about its redesign and latest reports suggest the 2019 Fiat Freemont as the year of the comeback. At the moment, there is no official confirmation for this model, though many reports suggest that the destiny of this crossover will actually depend on its basic model, Dodge Journey.

To remind you, the original Freemont was pretty much a re-badged version of the Journey, with pretty much same design characteristics and just minor modifications. However, it hasn’t managed to mark satisfying sales results, so a 2016-year discontinuation seemed like a natural move. However, things are a little bit different these days, so its resurrection seems quite likely. Of course, keep in mind that all the following info about the 2019 Fiat Freemont is nothing more than a speculation. Take all this with a dose of a reserve.

2019 Fiat Freemont Redesign Depends on the Dodge Journey’s Future

A lot of talk about the redesign of this crossover has been around in these days. Latest reports suggest that Chrysler is about to move the production from Mexico to Italy. This is a clear indicator for a potential comeback. Also, this means that the new 2019 Fiat Freemont will once again share most of its parts with the North American sibling. To remind you, the discontinued Freemont was largely the same in all aspects.

2019 Fiat Freemont frontFirst of all, the two models feature completely the same mechanics. Moreover, the Freemont looked pretty much like a rebadged version of the Journey from the outside. A unique Fiat Freemont grille and a few more tweaks were everything we saw from Italian designers. On the other side, the interior was a little bit different. We saw a new dashboard design, with more rounded shape and different instrument cluster. Finally, the engine lineup has been changed and included some of the Fiat’s famous MultiJet units.

2019 Fiat Freemont Will Ride on Stelvio’s Platform?

When it comes to the new generations of the Freemont and Journey, the platform is the biggest issue at the moment. The FCA is currently working on a complete renewal of the SUV lineup. We heard various kinds of stories about the new crossovers from Chrysler and other brands. However, the actual problem is that Chrysler still doesn’t have its own platform developed. This leads us to the conclusion that pretty much all upcoming SUVs will actually use the Alfa Romeo’s Giorgio platform. To remind you, this architecture currently underprints the new Stelvio crossover. Speculations are going that far, so even the legendary Grand Cherokee is expected to be paired with some Italian blood. So, why wouldn’t the 2019 Fiat Freemont, as an Italian car, as well as the Journey do the same?

The new platform would bring benefits in so many ways. Of course, the new model could be a little tighter, but you can count on significant improvements in terms of efficiency, driving dynamics and much more.

2019 Fiat Freemont rear view2019 Fiat Freemont Styling

In terms of styling, the 2019 Fiat Freemont is expected to come a little bit more independent than before. Most likely, it will adopt Fiat’s newest design language and come with lots of distinctive design solutions compared to its sibling from Dodge. This is definitely a good thing. The new model would come with a sleeker profile and overall much more attractive styling. Without that bulky shape that characterized the previous model, which isn’t appreciated very much in this part of the world.

Same goes to the interior design. As we already mentioned, the new model will probably be higher, with less cargo space and maybe even lower level of overall practicality. However, expect to see significant improvement in terms of comfort and convenience. The new model would come with a completely new dashboard design, similar to what we can see in the Fiat’s current lineup. In practice, this means better-quality materials, more standard equipment and much more.

2019 Fiat Freemont Engines

The powertrain is another aspect in which the 2019 Fiat Freemont will be relying on Stelvio. Considering that the two models will share the platform, expect engines to be shared as well. This definitely doesn’t mean that we are about to see Ferrari’s V6 under the hood of Fiat. Still, a familiar 2.0 liter unit with 200 horsepower seems very likely. Of course, expect something more affordable for the base model, such as 1.4-liter units with around 120 horsepower. Expect MultiJet diesel engines in the offer as well. There is a familiar 2.2-liter unit that is good for about 150 hp, while a smaller 1.6-liter unit with 120 hp also seems very likely.

2019 Fiat Freemont engine2019 Fiat Freemont Release Date

Though the new model still waits for the official confirmation, it won’t be surprised to see 2019 Fiat Freemont release date scheduled already for the next year.


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